Aoud Damascus  
Montale (2006)

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Reviews of Aoud Damascus by Montale

There are 23 reviews of Aoud Damascus by Montale.

The rose and oud I get in the opening blast are a bit unexpected is ther well-behaved character. The oud is not very synthetic, discreet and a team player. The rose is of good quality, but I am unsure whether it is Damascene as the name might be seen to promise.

Soon I get a frankincense that, again, is smooth and restrained, and at times a with a slightly camphoric background nite. The gurjum develops slowly and convinces with its lovely fresh citrus/fruity thrust.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and a superb longevity of thirteen hours on my skin.

A scent for warmer autumn days, composed of ingredients of a decent quality . 3.5/5
Nov 25, 2020

A very nice rose. Very little oud that I can detect. Definitely not an oud softened by a touch of rose. More a pretty rose deepened slightly with wood notes and the merest hint of incense. I like the rose, it's quite delicate, it's quite realistic. It's not harsh, it has some warmth. This is a soft scent on my skin. Feels more pink than red. Very quiet.
Feb 26, 2019

Picture Black Aoud with a sharp amber opening. The opening isn't the best of Montale, but it settles down to an inky oud and rose similar to Black Aoud. There is a powder note that hangs around also.
Aug 17, 2018

Montale Damascus Aoud is strikingly similar to Black Oud to my nose, a rose/oud mix that's well blended and strong.

Not terribly special but quite agreeable, frankincense is another listed note, though the base is not so distinctly oud or or incense but rather a muddled combination of both.

I'd probably given Black Aoud the edge over Aoud Damascus, though Aoud Damascus may suit some better than Black Aoud--they're similar enough that it's just a matter of taste and preference. Perhaps sample both if you're looking for a rose/oud combination from this house.

7 out of 10
Feb 9, 2017

Thought I would try another Montale fragrance, as I am in search of an affordable, resinous, "dark rose" (with oud, which I like a lot but not as a stand-alone note) fragrance. I guess I am missing something because I do not get what all the excitement is with Montale fragrances but this is just another "no-go" or "meh" for me.

I agree with RennGrrl that Aoud Damascus is a relatively common woodsy-rose-oud fragrance and rather "old school" in nature with a "been there, done that" character.

This is my fourth Montale try and like the others, I found the opening notes extremely harsh, almost aldehydic and very synthetic in nature. Overwhelming rose notes (which are alright 'cause this IS a rose fragrance) blast onto the skin with no mercy upon application. Montale fragrances actually hurt my nose. With lots 'n lots of rose, frankincense and spicy notes do try emerging. The entire potion is quickly grounded by a resinous wood. That's about it. After 90 minutes or so, it was all over...done.

Expecting great silage and incredible longevity, I experienced adequate silage but poor longevity. Also similar to RennGrrl's experience, the entire concoction landed as a powdery, rather linear, cloying rose fragrance that ended quickly.

Perhaps it is just my chemistry but Montale fragrances and I do not seem to get along. This is a pass.
Mar 20, 2015

A most woody rose with a musky purr in the base. Deeply comforting, with the overriding impression of a wood blend rather than just the loud Montale oud approximation. The frankincense that fades back after making its presence felt at the start would have really added an extra dimension had it been more assertive. Just a couple of sprays are enough to envelop the wearer in its soft charms for hours. However, seems to lack enlivening tonal variation, it grabs a hold of its main chord and sticks with it.
Feb 13, 2014

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