Aoud Cuir d'Arabie 
Montale (2006)

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Aoud Cuir d'Arabie by Montale

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Aoud Cuir d'Arabie is a shared scent launched in 2006 by Montale

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Reviews of Aoud Cuir d'Arabie by Montale

There are 52 reviews of Aoud Cuir d'Arabie by Montale.

A slanky, medicinal, rubbery oud-leather that would be challenging for most conventional folks. I appreciate it in the way that I appreciate things like the Tauer leathers (which may be a bit more wearable, on the whole), but it's not exactly something I enjoy wearing.

Like the old Kraft Macaroni and Cheese slogan, "It's the easiest because it's the cheesiest!"

In all seriousness though, wow. Montale. I know they are often mocked for assembly line ouds and overall garishness and lack of subtlety, but this, my friends, this is where Pierre and his team deviated from the template just a bit. It is really a take no prisoners wallop of not just the cheesy, the barnyard, the phenolic, the dirty birdy, but if one can appreciate, even lean into this caterwauling, cabbalistic detonation, they are treated to a dry down that has one of the most evocative castoreum notes, with birch tar, tanned leather, Montale's signature rose, and something that reminds me of the recent Halston miniseries where his perfumer inhales his lover's jockstrap. Skanky wanky.


Montale is a joy. What they dare to do is completely outside of the domain of the “Black Afghanos,” “Reins,” “Liquides Imaginaires” and etceteras of the perfume industry, hell bent on finding such an obscure niche that they're willing to rely on adcopy and marketing for a certain cool factor related to marijuana or existentialism or gothicism yaddayada to carve out their Instagramming clientele. Montale, on the other hand, does one thing and one thing well: orientalism.

Aoud Cuir d'Arabie is perhaps that pinnacle, excluding their more straightforwardly named Arabians, of course, but then again, what about Cuir de Russie or even the abomination of a name Afrika Olifant? Also pertinent is the fact that Montale, here, has not sacrificed or compromised an iota of their identity, even if they've done a few things differently!

Differently, they've managed to not make yet another perfume that is nuclear in strength and that lasts forever. Aoud Cuir d'Arabie, after its initial blast of car interior, cheese (yes, I can confirm), and dung, works through a gorgeous rose and leather that approximates the smell of skin more and more as time passes and the notes change. Whereas perfumes such as Montale's Black Aoud divide and conquer, staking a claim to more and more space as you self-consciously decide to not move too much or pass by *that* person lest they smell your histrionic aura, Aoud Cuir d'Arabie might actually cause some unsuspecting strangers to second guess, and only when they get close enough: Is he (or she or they or it) gorgeously sweating?

Although this fragrance smells nothing like sweat, there is something utterly human and sebaceous about it, as if we all–or at least the sexiest of us–exude a faint smell of tobacco ripeness as the day goes on.

I first bought a bottle of this wonderful juice 3 years ago, before I knew what was good for me. I sold it because I wanted to go out into the world and try new things, because I fell in love with Dior's Leather Oud (another masterpiece, albeit one that smells much more “perfumey” despite its animalic features), because I didn't know my tastes. I now find myself with a new 10ml decant of Montale's fragrance and with the desire to maybe pull the trigger on a full bottle. In the heat of summer, this leather fragrance smells wonderful: natural and hot. The heat of New York literally makes this scent meld to my skin. Gone are the worries that I smell like a fool who's got on some kind of buzzing, fuzzy sandalwood synth; or an unfathomably dense, resin-based oriental that's crystallizing on my body like honey; or an aquatic, citrus-centric splash that is trying too hard to scream “I'm not sweating, I'm fresh.” Instead, Montale's Aoud Cuir d'Arabie accentuates all the smells that accompany our bodies in this life, throughout the seasons, irrespective of place.

Fake real oud

I've always thought this one would just be another of the Montale ouds, so harsh and synthetic that it makes me wish to get it off. But this one is one of the only synthetics that seems to go after the actual smell of oud. Its got some cheesy opening, animalic. The leather is the chemically tan stuff. Astringent tobacco of the best kind, not trying to smell like a cigar, but giving that bitter medicinal vibe. The oud is synthetic smelling, but the addition of the leather and tobacco start to give it a more realistic profile. I find this rather enjoyable. A couple hours in it reaches a more polite profile, though it is still leather, tobacco and oud.
This is a really good one. I hate metal bottles, but I may make an exception for this one if the price is right. Thumbs up.

Ok, let me start off by saying that I was on the fence about buying this one. The comments about 'barnyard' and 'fecal' kinda spooked me right off the bat. Owning nearly a dozen Montale fragrances, I knew I just HAD to try this one. So here we go ... The initial blast reminded me a bit of Black Aoud in it's rosiness. Soon thereafter that BARNYARD smell comes through -- which quite honestly smells strongly of INK. Very interesting combination here ... but I really like it! No, it's not a warm weather fragrance but winter/fall definitely. About 30 minutes after the initial spray -- as do all Montale fragrances -- it changes dramatically. I definitely pick up the leather that everyone speaks of. The rose doesn't disappear but it softens up -- much more so than it does in it's Black Aoud brethren. It is an edgy fragrance that leans more towards the masculine IMHO (whereas Black Aoud leans more towards the ladies with it's prominent rose). In your face -- check. Dark and seductive -- check. Black leather jacket and worn jeans -- you bet!! I found a 100ml tester for under $70. Well worth the investment.

The grossest perfume I've ever fallen for.

It's got that Montale oud that smells like moldy old medicine, burning rubber, and band aids. There's also a Tuscan Leather-esque leather note, sweet berries on top, and a ridiculous amount of civet, so it's REALLY fecal.

In a way, I think this is one of those scents that's kind of awful that perfume snobs are supposed to like, but behind that is the basic fact that this is just so ridiculous that it stands out from all the repetitive perfumes out there that endlessly copy each other, so in a purely figurative way, it's refreshing to smell.

One more story: I once wore this in an Uber and spent the whole ride thinking that my driver was releasing secret little farts but it ended up being my Aoud Cuir d'Arablie fumes, so it's probably not best for closed spaces...

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