Anvers 2 
Ulrich Lang (2007)

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Sensual and warm, anvers 2 combines masculine notes, like blond woods, musk and amber with florals such as mimosa and rose — a concept of opposition that successfully works for its predecessor, anvers.

The inspiration for anvers 2 was a photograph of Belgian art dealer Roger Szmulewicz — the face of anvers — which showed Szmulewicz dressed in a formal coat and sneakers in a forest setting.

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Reviews of Anvers 2 by Ulrich Lang

A fresh bergamot-lemon duo together with black pepper make for a lovely coupling if two extremes that works very well on my skin. Very soon a nice cypress provides and overarching wood impression, which sees a flowery turn with olibanum in the drydown.

At that stage it collapses and retreats to remain very close to my skin, with a sweet musky notes vanilla note in the base.

The sillage is soft overall, the projection limited after the first couple of hours, and I get a total longevity of five hours. Nice in spring, but the lovely first impression is followed by a disappointing second phase. 2.5/5
Dec 5, 2015

Big, powerful, initially nasty, chypre that contains so many ingredients it's hard to get a handle on it. If I didn't know better, I'd swear it came from the early 1980s. It's raw, rough, and bitter. My husband is reminded of a fallen shelf in a scent shop, crashing a cacophany of different concoctions together in an industrial strength puddle.

It's hardly sweet or honeyed or a leather, as Turin describes it. It walks the line between a fougere gone mad and a green masculine power bomb. It calms down to a smoky woody resin mix that is still too sharp, too harsh, too much an assault on the nose, to be likeable.

Restraint was needed here, something to lighten it and bring it up out of the depths it wallows in. Not awful, but not nice and not my cup of tea.

Nov 30, 2015

On me, Anvers 2 kicks off with a flowery spicy haze, vaguely metallic and intentionally very artificial. It comes off like a men's designer scent, but with an ozone focus instead of the "woody amber" aquatics that usually accompany smells of this type. Given time, it ends up as a cross between a very chemical amber and a wet cardboard tobacco smell.

But really, it's worth noting that trying to pick out notes here is kind of ludicrous because it very much just smells like sweet, aromatic, masculine chemicals.

I think Ulrich Lang fills a specific niche of not-too-expensive perfumes intended for people who like men's mall scents and want something just a small step up. As such, Anvers 2 and his others are pleasant and completely wearable, but don't feel very artful or groundbreaking, which makes them great for offices and first dates, but not for serious sniffing.
Nov 17, 2015

For all the notes involved in this fragrance, I would have expected it to be a chemical mess. That's not the case at all. Very light floral with woods and a touch of vetiver. Projection is a little below average (not a bad thing). I would wear this in the fall and early spring. Don't let the light projection fool you. 6.5/10
Jan 5, 2015

Genre: Chypre

With its soft, woody/herbaceous/floral center, brightened on top by some crisp citrus and coniferous notes, and buttressed by mossy woods beneath, Anvers 2 is a slick, contemporary take on the classic green chypre structure. I find this scent remarkable in its combination of transparency and complexity. Most scents that have this much going on at once are big and boisterous, but when I wear Anvers 2 I feel as if I can (or perhaps do) smell my own skin right through it.

After the first hour or so of wear an extraordinarily well balanced, labdanum-rich amber makes itself known in the base line. Upon reflection, I wonder if it isn’t the labdanum component in that amber that suggests a natural skin scent shining through Anvers 2? Cistus ladaniferus (the source of labdanum,) grows in abundance in my neighborhood, and the resin smells quite like my own skin – only amplified 100 fold. What I haven’t heard mentioned in reviews so far is leather, and while it does not appear in the official pyramid, I keep getting an impression of leather at Anvers 2’s heart. Is it illusory? Perhaps. But if so, it’s a pleasant illusion.

In its quiet sophistication, Avers 2 is similar in mood, though not actual scent, to Ormonde Man and Jil Sander’s Scent No. 79 for Men. If it were twice as potent, it might also conjure up Guerlain’s Derby, which while no sillage monster itself, takes a more muscular approach to this green/leathery chypre theme.

So, is it good? Yes, I think so. Would I go out and buy it? Probably not. I like my scents more forthright and conspicuous than Anvers 2, and so might gravitate toward the bolder Jil Sander if I were looking for an understated chypre of this sort. Then again, I’ll probably just stick with Derby. It makes the most impact of all, and is no less suave than any.
Jun 9, 2014

A pleasant, safe and to be honest generic scent that has a decent quality and very nice overall smell.
The opening is a semi fresh citrusy scent with a little amount of black pepper, some green notes and tonka bean.
It's tart and fresh with some green notes from cypress and there is enough amount of tonka bean here to give the scent a creamy sweet and a little bitter feeling.
I can smell black pepper as well but it's very smooth and only stay with the scent for about 10 minutes and then it's gone.
As time goes by the scent gets a little more sweet and now floral notes, specially rose kick in.
I can no longer smell citruses, green notes and black pepper but instead vetiver says hello to us in this part.
While we have a smooth sweet floral smell in the mid, the vetiver note give the scent an earthy and rooty feeling which is very nice.
There is some woods in here too but it's completely in the background. doesn't even have a chance!
In the base the floral note gets weaker and I can smell sweet tonka bean with a little bitter feeling and some rose and some woods in the background.
Projection is OK and longevity is around 4-6 hours on my skin.
I believe this fragrance could be perfectly a unisex fragrance.
Jan 30, 2014

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