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About Antiquity by Areej le Doré

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Areej le Doré
Fragrance House
Russian Adam

The company says:

This perfume represents a long gone era. It is composed using truly unique, vintage, highly matured raw materials, including outstanding wild Cambodian agarwood oil from 1975.

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Reviews of Antiquity by Areej le Doré

There are 8 reviews of Antiquity by Areej le Doré.

Taffeta rustling under sable, pearls and stilettos,stockings and lipistick, handbags and powder puffs,perfectly penciled brows and just te right amount of decollete.real vintage glamour in a bottle.deep,animalic, leathery, classic,rich and first dab,i found this scent a bit simple but after the first half hour it became more darkly leathery and spices/musk.

Such a heavenly oud,sweet and lovely dense amber,peach and angelica,soft smooth leather, musk fluffy and comforting,deep and intoxicating. gorgeous rich patchouli,deep dark oakmoss.all ravishingly beautiful.dark and exquisite.I can see how women wear this to feel sexy it would go great with leather,cigarettes and rum and coke.incredibly long lasting.
Apr 1, 2021

Sorry but this to me was a huge let down. It smells like a corpse surrounded by flowers in a funeral home. I love Russian Adams work usually but this whole collection let me down. I sprayed this in the office , one using the sample set and reaction I got was an unanimous “wash it off now” I wear Hindi ouds to work and have never got such a reaction. Kudos to Adam for been creative but this to me
Is totally unwearable.
Nov 18, 2020

On me, Antiquity is a combination of vintage extraits of Poivre (Caron), Mitsouko and Shalimar with a big hit of smoky oud and a thick musky backbone.

On my skin, the hint of effervescent and slightly sweet peach aldehyde lifts up the eugenol and dark patchouli cloud fest to a higher plane for first few hours. The smoky oud, animalic and smoky leather and the chocolaty patchouli that are quite clear from the start, gets more intense after the aldehyde-inflected eugenol tones down. The floaty (but toned down) aldehyde, eugenol from carnation and a medicinal quality of Patchouli (that appears just before the chocolaty and ambery/resinous facet) together gives me an impression that Poivre's clove/eugenol and Mitsouko's peach notes are producing a smoky concoction that is also leathery. It is also slowly adding a Shalimar parfum-like animalic resinous/ambery flair. The overall leather is a beauty that many vintage perfume lovers' seek out. There are similarities with some shades of OEII (in terms of oud, 'amber' accord and musk), Grandenia (musky oud, and patchoulified ‘amber'). For me this is more Cuir de Russie than the ALD6 one.
Oct 21, 2020

After three sprays in, I smell like a walking museum.

It's like walking through room 61 to room 66 at the British Museum, where you feel like you are having chats with the mummies of Ancient Egypt.

It doesn't smell familiar, yet it doesn't smell offensive (unless you drench yourself with it). It just smell strange to my nose. It has Kouros like vibe but with an old school aroma.

Longevity and silage are strong.

I don't think it's safe for office, but I wear it anyways with max 3 sprays.
Jan 29, 2020

Le Dore – Antiquity (2019)

Antiquity begins with a quite rich, deep and bitter blast, almost as if one is experiencing pure oil concentration. There is no projection – I must inhale from my wrist. First impression is that of concentrated woods and resins, cedar and patchouli, though no cedar is present, so this must be the oud I am experiencing. An odd thing here, because I usually loathe oud (would much rather smell ammonia), but this is unlike any oud I have experienced and is very intensely attractive.

I'm taken back to my father's wood working shop, to the scent of a stain being rubbed into freshly sawn wood. Olfactory memory overload at work here. It is interesting to me that Le Dore uses two patchoulis, an older one from the 1940s for his heart note, and a new one for his base note.

Ten minutes on, the intensity has diminished, and it is fading to a lighter eau concentration. However, there has been no development or deepening in this progression. It remains linear.

The notes of bergamot, peach, carnation and angelica never reach my nose. Would that they had as my imagination, when wrapping these around what I am experiencing, may surely have improved the sensation.

Into the dry down nothing has changed. I get no oak moss, no leather accord, no musk, no amber, just the oud/patchouli concentration. So, a linear and simple impression, which is certainly pleasant and decidedly masculine. It would have benefited from more complexity in the middle notes, to my way of thinking, but judging it for what it is, not what it might have been, I find it to be an excellent linear impression of “woods.”

Certainly the quality of the materials used is stellar in today's perfume world. Recommended for men interested in the woods genre.

Dec 11, 2019

As a lover of all things deeply vintage and leathery, Antiquity should be my favorite scent of all time. And the only reason it isn't is because it tends to "vibrate" only in the lower portion of the octave scent-register. In this way it reminds me of Anubis by Papillon. The two frags smell nothing alike, but they both seem to consist primarily of base notes with very few top notes to add lift or a bright dissonance and contrast. The peach aldehyde and bergamot here, last mere seconds before drifting away, so what you are left smelling is a rich and oud-y oak moss that is intriguing in a dark and low-toned way. As the scent lingers on, I am most reminded of vintage Mitsouko (minus the everlasting peach) and Cuir de Russie (minus the florals). Since I adore both of these scents, I find Antiquity quite intriguing, but I am also willing to admit that I would love this fragrance even more if it contained a wider octave range--say one that included some notes above middle C.
Nov 24, 2019

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