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Antimony fragrance notes

    • charred frankincense, kewra, henna, palo santo, galangal, sandlwood ashes, spikenard, ghee, copal, oud, mitti attar, kadam attar, rose attar

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Goes on strong, with an early bit of funk, but that quickly dissipates and I get a vibe like that of LDDM. There is more of a charred rose element than frankincense to me though. There's something some amber accords and spiciness that I feel blends well together. A bit of a sharp green smell that comes off slightly bitter, which may be what could smell plastic like. But it's also kind of a musky earthy strong smell as well. If I were to guess, I think it's actually real spikenard used in this fragrance! Overall I like it and think it smells like a high quality composition.
23rd January 2020
This fragrance was disappointing. Jumbled in composition and flat and plastic like in the dry down, very thing and flimsy like Saran wrap
18th April 2017