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Reviews of Antico Caruso by Profumum

There are 21 reviews of Antico Caruso by Profumum.

I desperately wanted to love this. Ever since JPG Le Male went to seed, I've been searching for a version of the old classic, fleshed out in the Platonic Ideal of the original formulation. I will always have such an abiding affection for the scent that I wore through most of my twenties, the OG le male.

I'd love to see THAT SCENT done up to the absolute highest standard. I was hopeful when I heard about Pluriel (especially since Kurkdjian was the perfumer behind them both) and, again, thrilled when I heard so much about Antico Caruso supposedly smelling like a high class Le Male. While the latter gets closer than the former, neither of them are bold enough or as complex as the original. And, at this point, the original is a pale imitation of its former glory(I actually think the Cuba Gold knock off smells better than the real thing, at this point.)

As for Antico, itself, I find it to be more of a light Almond “soliflore” until the drydown sprinkles a musky sandalwood over it, going from fresh to slightly earthy over the course of the nut's progression.

It's beautiful and simple. But too simple to be as expensive as it is and, at least on me, the pleasing scrubbed up top notes are gone far too quickly.

Very understated. Most people will believe you used a lovely almond soap and skipped cologne/perfume for the day. Still, I can't hate it.
May 26, 2019

Antico Caruso is effectively a high quality, high end version of Le Male, cut from much finer cloth. It has an accord of almond and sandalwood, that is a little sweet and approximates the lavender-vanilla accord of Le Male. Antico Caruso is refined, with substantial depth and excellent quality, as with many of Profumum Roma's scents. I'm not sure about the barbershop references, it depends a bit on the barbershop aspect one has in mind. I can still see Antico Caruso as something that wet-shavers might appreciate.

While I like Antico Caruso a lot, I find that it fails to sustain my interest. It is too linear for too long, and on some days the sweetness is a little overwhelming. Antico Caruso shows remarkable tenacity on my skin at over eight hours, and has consistent projection almost throughout. This is testimony to the fact that Profumum works with quality materials and provides a high concentration of perfume. Antico Caruso, however, also exhibits a drawback I find in some other Profumum perfumes I have tried - while there is much depth and richness, there is a lack of complexity.

Definitely a must try among sweet woody scents (especially if one is okay with a high quality but simple and linear scent), as it is very well done.

May 6, 2018

Antico = Ancient. Caruso = Boy.

So, this could either mean it's either for old guys who feel young at heart, or it's for young guys who feel really old. Since I'm a mature dude who is 12 mentally, it worked pretty well for me! :-)

There are other potential meanings for the Italian word Caruso aside from "boy", the name of this frag could also mean, Ancient Close Cropped, or Ancient Smooth, or Ancient Bald. All of this comes from the middle ages where Italian young men of fashion would wear their hair close cropped or shorter than the prevailing style. Okay, end of history rant.

Antico Caruso the fragrance has a nice citrus opening. I think I like the opening the best. As mentioned by others once AC starts to dry down, it is very linear. The dry down is sharp to my nose. The listed mid and base notes say almond and sandalwood. I get barbershop, but I must admit, this one gets slightly tedious after about 5 hours. I do prefer YSL's Rive Gauche Pour Homme to this one in terms of barbershop fragrances. This is nice, but not nice enough for the investment required to own a bottle.
Aug 5, 2017

Profumum Antico Caruso is advertised and purported to be a classic men's scent, not necessarily a fougere but rather a soapy/citrus/woody blend. Fresh and tangy, yet woody and serene, sophisticated and classic. Certainly vaguely in the vicinity of the barbershop type of scent but without any lavender. And the soapiness isn't via neroli, apparently, just the combination of orange blossom and lemon,

The lemon and orange blossom are certainly detectable at the top but remain part of the mix in the dry down, which exposes the almond, sandalwood and amber, though I don't get much amber.

Almond, to me, is always a note I have a difficult time putting my finger on. In the case of Antico Caruso, the almond blends in pretty seamless with the other elements, so for me it isn't such a burst of almond as it is a citrus/floral/woody blend with hints of almond, and that's probably a good overall thing if you're not crazy about almond, as you might need to be to enjoy, say, Confetto, also by Profumum.

I imagine some women could pull this off but this seems overwhelmingly to be oriented toward men, and not very young men, not that it smells of an old man, but rather that I could see it being more of an acquired test, a reserved but still-powerful entry.

Comparisons to JPG Le Male, which I've seen from a couple of sources, are fair but only in a vague, abstract sense---the note breakdowns between LM and AC are quite different and upon application they're really quite different enough.

Performance is mostly up to Profumum's standard power but while superb on longevity, it's not quite as substantial in the projection category, as the bar is set pretty high by the house. Still, a great classic men's scent that should be sampled by all men.

8 out of 10
Mar 2, 2017

I've again attempted to expand my (very limited) perfume and EDT wardrobe. Sigh...I guess I do not do well with change and apparently there IS a very good reason I have such a limited "go-to fragrance wardrobe"--smile. With that said, I have taken somewhat to the new trend of sweet, spicy, cotton-candy, almond, sugary vanilla "gourmand" type scents. Such scents seem to be a nice departure (especially for spring & summer) from my heavier fragrances that consist of oud, musk, resins, sandalwood & other woodsy oils, etc.

Well, obviously sampling Antico Caruso was NOT an effort to find a "sugary" scent but a feeble effort to explore another dark, exotic, resinous fragrance. As others have stated, this is a non-complex scent that settled into two notes on me, well actually ONE note...powdery amber...period.

Trying to avoid doing so, I definitely detected the "barber shoppe" aroma among the opening notes. I detected an herbal & nearly medicinal accord in the opening notes, perhaps some citrus, too. Within minutes, the scent rapidly transitioned on me and I definitely detected some almond that was pleasant enough...just not PRESENT enough for my tastes.

And finally, as others have already stated, sadly on me the dry-down of this fragrance landed as a simple, very ordinary linear note...not almond (as many have stated) but to my senses, the final note was AMBER...and a soapy amber, I'd say! Maybe I'm sensing sandalwood (which I like quite a lot) and not amber. But I think I can detect sandalwood from amber. Antico Caruso definitely landed as amber...simple, non-complex, kinda ordinary amber.

On the plus side, longevity seems GREAT with this fragrance 'cause I applied it several hours back and it still smells quite song. Silage also seems to be quite strong as there are wafts of this stuff throughout my entire house right now. I actually caused one of my poor cats to sneeze when I hugged him a few minutes ago-lololol.

Nonetheless, I do not like the end results of this one on me. Traveling with it from its opening notes to its end was pleasant enough. But in the end, this fragrance feels (smells) too ordinary for me and way too masculine given my current preferences. Think I'll pass this on to my dear husband and see if he'd like to try if out for a while. Glad I got a tester/sample. Many thanks once again to Lucky Scent dot com!
Feb 25, 2015

It is quite interesting to see that after ten whole years, a niche brand goes and makes an exact Le Male clone with that price range. Way to go.
Feb 23, 2015

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