The beginning. The 20s of the last Century have signed many beginnings. Skirts were shortened and women emancipated with the freshness and the joy of living which banned old constrictions. New original and surprising notes have created an olfactive frenzy that paved the way to the modern art of perfumery. An age to wear with a secret mélange that does not need any explanations.

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The opening is characterised by a floral dominance, with jasmine and rose in the foreground, brightened up by a touch of neroli that is accompanied by a restrained aldehydic halo. The drydown is characterised by whiffs of violet, and the floral notes are not too overbearingly sweet.

Heading towards the later stages of the development, here a rich oriental feel becomes dominant, with incense combining with a good lashing of benzoin. Richer and and sweeter now, but on my skin never seriously cloying.

The sillage is moderate, the projection excellent and the longevity seven hours.

A nice autumnal creation, combining floral with oriental moments that, at times, cannot avoid a certain generic nature, but in some aspects compliments each other nicely. 3.25/5.
26th June 2017