Anima Dulcis  
Arquiste (2011)

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Anima Dulcis  by Arquiste

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Anima Dulcis is a shared scent launched in 2011 by Arquiste

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Reviews of Anima Dulcis by Arquiste

There are 12 reviews of Anima Dulcis by Arquiste.

Pimento and red hot chili pepper opening, dries down extremely sweet. But I can’t smell the cocoa or vanilla.

I've been interested in the concept of "hot" perfumes, in the sense of a chili pepper is hot. A sensation of something warmer than warm.
I'm frankly not quite sure heat is something that can be portrayed with aromachemicals, but this perfume is probably the closest i've experienced. So i bought it without much further thinking just because i enjoyed that aspect of it.

After placing it on my perfume shelf i realized though; i'm not a big fan of sweet perfumes (and this one is super sweet). And so there it has been standing, pretty much unused for a year or two.

But recently i had one of those days that i wanted to smell something new, so i picked it up and took a spray on my chest before leaving for work.

And while i'm not quite sure this is "me", it is a intoxicatingly uplifting fragrance. Extremely warm, energizing and comforting at the same time. The olfactory equivalent of being surrounded by candlelight.

As many before me, i get more fruit than cocoa. A ripe plummy red note dominates over vanilla and soft spices, finished with a dusting of sharp cocoa powder.

Longevity is excellent. Give it a chance. Or two, i'm glad i did.

A soft, round gourmand-ish opening based on a cocoa note that on my skin is not like the aroma of a cup of cocoa, but more like old cocoa powder with dusty undertone. The other constituent is a cinnamon that is a bit more convincing, although the latter is a bit subdued and tired initially. The drydown adds reminiscences of dried fruit, with hints of cumin and pepper evident later on in the base notes.

It is actually towards the end that the notes become a bit stronger and work together more harmoniously, with the cinnamon increasingly richer, enhanced by a mildy sweet vanilla impression, and blending in nicely with the dusty cocoa and the cumin - discretely dulcis.

The perfomance is very good, with moderate sillage, good projection and a brilliant twelve hours of longevity.

This scent is nice in autumn, and I am hovering between a neutral and a positive score, but the better later phases as well as the excellent perfomance push it across the line - albeit just. 3/5.

Anima Dulcis could be an honorary member of Serge Lutens' range – at least the section that is located in a Moroccan bazaar. The listed notes are unhelpful – the prominent vibe is of dried fruit and spice, underlaid with polite sweat (immortelle? cumin?). Sure one can smell the cocoa and chili if one really tries but what's the point of really trying with a perfume...?
Like most of the Arquiste line-up it is a restrained thing, never quite bursting into full-throated song, placing its somewhat challenging ingredients neatly within a small compass like a child laying out the miniature pots and pans of their toy kitchen.

A spicy fragrance with a velvety dusty base, brownish, sweet, with a herbal side vaguely reminding Ambre Sultan, a juicy heart of red pepper (or pimiento?) cinnamon and vanilla rounding the base – also helped by a slightly metallic aldehydes note. Foggy smoky-talcum aftertaste. Pretty much it, a spicy Oriental blend with a brown dust all over and a sweet base. Quite short-lasting and frankly a bit dull and simplistic in my opinion, but nice.


Genre: Woody Oriental

They got the “dulcis” right; the “soul” I'm not so sure about.

By all rights, I probably shouldn't review Anima Dulcis. It's simply not the kind of fragrance I'm liable to enjoy, even if done well. Nonetheless, I've sampled it, and I have some thoughts, so I will assume the dissenter's position and share my experience.

Anima Dulcis launches on lovely, sweet bergamot top notes, but these give way quickly to a syrupy vanillic amber accord that dominates the proceedings for as long as the fragrance lasts. Of the listed cocoa and capsicum I smell little trace. Indeed, nothing much emerges to cut the king-size helping of vanilla pudding, and I find the whole thing simplistic and cloying – certainly no improvement over a slew of far less costly designer scents that serve up similar tooth decay-inducing fare. If you like this kind of shrill, sweet gourmand fragrance, try Angel – it at least does something clever and original with its olfactory calorie count. If it's a dense and complex gourmand oriental that you're after, I'd sample Pierre Guillaume's Aomassaï before spending money on this. If it's vanilla you want, try the same perfumer's clever banana and vanilla Felanilla. Or just wear Shalimar.

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