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Etro (2004)

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Anice by Etro

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Reviews of Anice by Etro

I feel compelled to write a review for this one after having read the existing reviews. IMO even the positive ones do it wrong. Yes, it is called "Aniseed". Yes. the first seconds of application are consumed by an ouzo blast. But from then on it is a whole different story. The salty sweetness of liquorice comes in only to pave the road for a delicate green an floral accord which anchors to the skin with a hint of white musk. By the end of the journey all that is left to remind the aniseed is a cool salty feel that complements the florals making them less feminine and more etherial. Ultimately this is an excellent cool summer skin scent without any ozonic hint which is good and rare.

very delcious light anice licorice fragrance...reminds me of some cookies my italian grandmother kept around the house..also somewhat like lolita lempicka for men but much simpler. light, masculine, spring/summer fragrance...and of course sexy and sensual!

One of the more "masculine" Etro fragrances. I really like it - it's a very natural, pure and yet warm fragrance. You put it on and just feel good - it's perfect for spring and summer.

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