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Etro (2004)

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Anice by Etro

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Reviews of Anice by Etro

All I get from this composition is ANISE, ANISE and even more ANISE. A tremendously realistic interpretation of the ANISE. It inevitabily reminds me of an italian liqueur called Sambuca that is sweet, sticky and unmistakeably made from ANISE. The drydonw has some ANISE but it gets a little better with a shy dose of musk and vanilla, yet everything is still overwhelmed by the main ingredient: ANISE. Did I use the word ANISE too much? That's exaclty what this perfume does on the olfactory aspect.

A bag of black Twizzlers and all that. Anice alone in my opinion is a disgustingly harsh and raucous smell. Yup, it's anice and I don't like it.

I wish I could be more eloquent in my reivew but my thoughts were the same as the other reviewers. Etro Anice smells exactly like Good-n-Plenty's liquorice jelly bean candy. It is revolting and I had to scrub it off immediately. I just have to ask: who on earth wants to smell like this??? Here are thenotes, per The Perfumed Court: anise, bergamot, rosewood, jasmine, fennel, caraway, iris, vanilla, musk and amber.

Too linear and "boozy". Apart from the beautiful flacon Anice has little to offer, just sambuca-smelling cologne, PASS.

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