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There are 7 reviews of Ani by Nishane.

Ani is balm like in its projection and complexity. It is a modern take deep rose based spicy oriental. Definitely high end, definitely feels luxurious. One would wear this for the occasion, it commands a certain etiquette, time and place. Is a must have for winters. Deserves all the hype.

and no.. I don't get the gourmand reference.. If anything it's gothic rose.... It's faintly reminiscent of parfumerie generales cadjmere in it's drydown.
Nov 18, 2021

Underwhelming at first given the hype it received, however I kept trying it and trying it until Ani really hit a chord with me , it's a grower and takes a bit of understanding, I mainly get a sort of synthetically musky lemon cake with a pinch of ginger, I think the musk put me off at first as like Erba Pura it can be headache inducing but it doesn't quite do that with Ani thankfully, the supporting notes of rose and blackcurrant keep it all in beautiful balance, great performance and highly concentrated, I can't help but think this would be gorgeous on a female more than a man, it has many facets that would suit a well dressed pretty lady.
Nov 3, 2021

Citrus and vanilla combo, pleasurable but utterly boring, it's a rather feminine scent!
Sep 6, 2021

Ani by Nishane (2019) is a fairly complex modern "floriental" amber-floral fragrance, made with a kitchen sink of potent aromachemicals and some nice naturals as well, having that clean glazed-over feeling with standout notes like so many modern niche perfumes do. Cecile Zarokian worked on this, and she has done some things for the reinstated house of Jacques Fath in this vein, so overall I had certain expectations for Ani that were indeed met here. This is an extrait de parfum so you don't have to worry much about performance either, although something like Ani would be overbearing if oversprayed for greater projection than extraits tend to give. Thematically, I'm sure there is a lot that could be researched and gleaned about the fragrance, as Nishane has no shortage of long rambling market copy speaking of the deep histories and epiphanies that "inspire" owners Mert Güzel & Murat Katran, but I'm skipping that for now. This is a complex enough scent by itself, let's not make it even more complicated with backstory mostly irrelevant to the way it smells (like most Nishane I've tried thus far). For the most part, this is spiced and floral, with the ambery woody "oriental" bits coming in fits and starts. There is a big vanilla blast in the opening that can be very misleading about the rest of the fragrance, which means it has traditional layered development; that last part is increasingly rare in modern fragrances of any price range anymore. Opinions about this one vary a lot, and the usual suspects also try to say this copies something else, since eveything must be a clone of something more popular because clout is all that matters to those whose brains have been sucked dry of value like a lakebed in California.

The opening is that aforementioned vanilla, which merges with spices to produce something that a few of the usual pea-brains in FragBroLand will automatically associate with Parfums de Marly Layton (2016). Now before you go joining them with those one-armed push-ups, spin-claps, and "natural male enhancement" products, this is no Layton clone and not by a long shot, unless all you do is smell the first 20 seconds of a perfume's opening then snap your judgement. After the ginger, vanilla and blackcurrant fruity bits, we slide into dry pink pepper that then crackles with some dry cedar. Cardamom comes in to round the cedar in a similar fashion to the classic Chanel Pour Monsieur (1955), but bits of a deep Turkish rose then emerge to join the spice brigade. After this, Ani mostly becomes about the rose, pink pepper, and some dry patchouli before benzoin and javanol-assisted New Caledonia sandalwood join the fray. If you've made it this far, you also get a bit of woody-amber molecule that smells most like akigalawood (derived from patchouli) with some ambroxan. The "woody AC's" here are carefully administered, and not scratchy in the least bit. No Comet cleanser in this bad boy, just lots of peppered fruity dark rose and patchouli over a digitized musky wood. Late in the wear I get tonka, although it isn't executed in a way that suggests tobacco of any kind to me. Very neat and nice, lasts forever on skin, and has good sillage. Best use for me would be in romantic scenarios, and this is perfectly unisex like most oriental rose and spice treatments made in the modern era. Cooler months seem best, but summer evenings would get along quite well with Ani too methinks. Most importantly, this scent takes you on a trip through stages, so you'll want to make sure you can stay the entire day in it if possible, so you're not selling yourself short on the experience.

Ani is one of the better perfumes I've tried from the fledgling Turkish luxury niche outfit Nishane. Some real thought was put into this stuff, and it smells like nearly nothing else I've smelled. A lot of people will point to Hacivat (2017) as the entrypoint Nishane experience to have, but I think Ani is that scent. If you were to only have one, that would be a much tougher question to answer, but Ani is the first fragrance from the brand that had really itched my trigger finger purchase-wise, because it is an experience I cannot get elsewhere. That said, it still doesn't smell $300+ good for 100ml, but since this is an extrait you could really just opt for 50ml unless you have a smaller collection or intend this to be your only perfume. I also can't help but feel like what Ani really competes against is Initio Parfums Privés, rather than the sister company Parfums de Marly, and that's because the fragrance plays the same game of opulent styles executed with high-powered synthetics blended with acutely-noticeable single natural materials, but just does it much better. You get all the richness and power, but also a level of seamless execution and complexity within the same dollar range that Initio time and time again fails to deliver, so if the knuckle-draggers want to claim anything is stealing thunder from anyone, I'd look there first. Simply put, this is a good perfume with a bit of old and new, exotic and familiar, natural and technological, and it just works. The price is a bit challenging for some unless you dig a bit into the gray market muck of sites such as eBay, but when isn't it with brands like this? Get yourself a small boxed sample and see what all my squawking is about, and if you're a fan of modern niche, you more than likely won't be sorry you did. Thumbs up
Aug 19, 2021

The opening is a sexy and seductive mix of sweet citrus, edible vanilla and slightly smokey oud. There is also a rich, ginger spiciness that really takes the refinement up a few notches. Feels like an excellent cold-weather scent because it is a heavier scent, perfect for having others catch a whiff in the cool air, give a compliment and wanting to get closer. Again, very seductive and sexy. I'm fine with calling this unisex as anyone wearing this will smell great without issue.

Performance is quite good with projection that can be smelled a few feet away with minimal sprays. Lasts all day, which is good because it smells great.

Jan 2, 2020

Of all of the fragrances I own (50+), this Nishane Ani holds the top spot. Simply because it is the most unique and complimented fragrances in my area/demographic. It does smell similar to PDM's Layton, but more fresh and opulent. It jumps off my skin though stays long throughout the evening - a 12+ hour scent. The only knock on this is that it is quite expensive, even in comparison to the Creed's, PDM's, and Tom Ford's of the fragrance world. Worth it... YES!
Dec 31, 2019

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