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    • bergamot, green notes, blue ginger, pink pepper, blackcurrant, turkish rose, cardamom, patchouli, cedarwood, vanilla, benzoin, ambergris, musk, sandalwood

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This may not be as sophisticated as SDV, Angelique Noire or Cuir Beluga, but its 3x as much as fun as those 3. This is a swirly ginger vanilla that lasts for hours and hours. Its a fantastic and fun wear, when you just want to fell happy. There is this spicy feel to it that gives you energy, while it still manages to feel cozy and welcoming. At first i did not like it, but now i love it. By far the best Nishane there is.
9th July 2023
Ani by Nishane is a complex and modern fragrance with a mix of potent aromachemicals and natural ingredients.
10th March 2023

I read all these reviews and all the reviews on Fragrantica and naievely hoped I would get the same incense/vanilla/autumn love. Didn't. The various notes clutter up that signature and make this a busy, loud, aggressive perfume-y mix on me, like the vintage 'vanilla' perfumes that were a million notes over the top of the vanilla. Vanilla Fields comes to mind, and Coty Raw Vanilla; perfume-y, brash, muddled florals and citruses occluding the creamy warm of the vanilla. This one didn't work for me at all and it's so darn expensive to be so very eh. Not bad, but I hated it anyway.
24th December 2022
It's OK. Very oriental incense kind of smell. Havicet is better and not as offensive. It's definitely a winter scent
5th September 2022
I love scents that make you thing of coziness, warm fires and that autumnal smell. This scent makes you want to lean in and then in again. Let me brief and to the point:

1. This is a date night frag, a fancy posh place sort of vibe. This is a rich b**** kind of thing. If you're into scent pairing, spray inlt first and top of with 1-2 spritzes of TF tobacco Vanille for a unique experience
2. Due to the feelings it invokes, this is a fall, winter scent but can be worn in the evenings for nice occasions
3. Don't over spray...its projection and spillage are awesome!

Should you own a bottle! Yep!
18th August 2022
Ani was love at first sniff for me - creamy, dreamy, lux. Utterly sexy, straddling the line between gourmand and spicy oriental. The blue ginger seems to act as a warm bridge between creamy and fruity edibles (vanilla, blackcurrant,) spicy notes (patchouli, pink pepper,) and florals/musks/woods (Turkish rose, cedarwood, ambergris, sandalwood). For my personal taste, the rose is handled very well here - it blends seamlessly into the mix and doesn't stand out at all (or I would not enjoy it, as I generally do not like rose notes.)

What a concoction!

All the notes blend into an incredible overall experience. Fantastic longevity and a sillage that draws people towards you like a moth to flame. A total masterpiece and one of my favorite scents of all time.
8th April 2022
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