Complementing her clothing line of the same name, Anglomania merges “Asian intensity with British heritage”

Anglomania fragrance notes

  • Head

    • cardamom, coriander, green tea
  • Heart

    • rose otto, nutmeg, violet
  • Base

    • vanilla, amber, leather

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Latest Reviews of Anglomania

The scent of passionate love. imagine yourself in a erotic boudoir scene from some romance novel by Connie Mason or Jude Devereux.this is so gorgeous.the kind of gorgeous where you just can't stop sniffing your arm to get more of it.the beautiful and enticing scent of a naked body that just woke up from sleep, still clinging to the warmth of the bed and to the dreaming state of mind.this is a very feminine and ladylike rose and powder.

The cardamom and coriander, combined with the gives everything a very "fresh" vibe which i like very much.then the powder comes in,rose absolute,sweet violet and ambery vanilla-like powder,which nearly dominates the fragrance. there is also leather here,which combined with powdery rose and violets,the leather is soft,more like suede to me.i don't find anything dirty about this scent.sensual and romantic without a doubt, but Anglomania is meticulously powdered and pompadoured,not redolent of sex.
9th September 2021
This scent is all about violet to me. Violet seems to always dominate on my skin. But as Im not a big fan of violet dominated perfumes this one is blended so well that the violet has character and warmth. Its sweet, warm and floral. I dont get too much leather in this, although I can detect it. What I do get is a mildly spicy violet with an oriental vanillic base. This scent does not overpower on me and lies close to my skin. I like that its unique. I cant say Ive smelled anything like it before.Its a good fall, winter perfume that would be a great choice on a date for romance and possibly seduction.
21st October 2010

In a Pink Vinyl Room Red Roses Over the Leopard Print rug Silver Cromed Sofasmirror balls from each corner of the room Dalisque Pictures hanging at wallsIncense Burning across the room Hookah Filled with Marijauna all the party guest getting stoned Plastic flowers of all colors hanging on walls there so low you can touch them. Circa 1973you and your two girlfriends are at this Party and then the Mirrored slided doors open you can't Belive your eyes is Ziggy Stardust wearing white vinyl Leotard with white feather angel wings glued at his back Firey red Hair sticking out like electricity Silver and gold paint and bright Red Lips Over his face you and your Girlfriends with your Colorful Mini Dresses and Mary Jane Shoes with Pokerstright Hair Parted in the middle One Blonde one Brunette And one Light Brown Faint on the Leopard Floor by the sight of his Presence. This Perfume is the epimthy of English Chic. A bit Refined With Rose But Bad Ass with Leather. Bang a Gong Get it on.
16th August 2010
This has got tobe 1 of my faves!Its so classy, I love it soooo much deffinetly in my top 3 xx
6th July 2010
I bought this online on the basis that it's formulated with all my favourite scents - nutmeg, vanilla, rose otto, violet and cardamon. I wish I hadn't have bothered as I really disliked it. It smelt cheap, chemical-like, had really low staying power on me, and reminded me of old lady soap. A real let-down!
27th September 2009
Bought this untested (it's not easy to get a hold of) as I like the other Vivienne Westwood fragrances.I kept sniffing myself all day, since I felt there was something quite familiar in this perfume and it's literally taken me all day to work out what it is.Is it just my imagination, or does this smell vaguely like the long lost Venezia by Laura Biagiotti?I'm not enough of a nose to be able to put this down to a specific note, but there is something....warm , leathery and sharp?Anyway - I'm in love.
26th March 2009
I wish to try this Fragrance soon. I am taking a trip to Florida in July and wish to buy this for my trip. I want something sensual and I think this just might do it, can't wait, it sounds DIVINE!!!!!
27th February 2009
Young, sweet and unfinished. For a darker, grown-up version of a leather scent, I recommend Cantate by Yves Rocher, (unfortunately discontinued, but easily found on ebay).
28th October 2008
This is the perfume that introduced me to the wonderfull world of Vivienne Westwood. I think it defines her so well, it is out of standards, original, wild, courageous and extravagant. It starts so agressive and turns in this heavy, sexy and dark scent. I simply adore it. And I love the lasting power on it, too. I cannot stop smelling myself when I wear it. Unfortunately, it is so hard to find it in North America. I live in Canada and it is almost impossible to find it here.
3rd December 2007
I'm not a fan of rose scents, but I appreciate some dark and rich and sultry ones like Black Aoud and Paestum Rose, and also the simpler and truer Ce soir ou jamais. That said, Anglomania is not good enough to make me forget about my rose phobia. It has some honey and spice added, but it doesn't give it enough depth, it's still a relatively "flat" scent. The rose note is also quite sharp and soapy to my nose, not the kind of rose I like. Not downright bad but a little overwhelming, think of the people around you (and of your own head) and don't overdose if you wear it. I'll pass.
31st May 2007
I bought this last week after finding it on an online discount store, its not very easy to get it in the UK at all. To start with it seemed a bit citrus-y almost, reminded me of when I had a sample vial of moschino when I was 12 and crushed it onto the carpet, making the upstairs reek of dry scent for weeks. HOwever, it settles quickly into a powdery, rose- similar to narcisse, it thik.Strong notes of sandalwood start to come through before Finally dries down to that smoky, leathery concoction, with some amber warmth thrown in. Can't imagine getting bored of this one, really like.
9th February 2007
Sweet, spicy and oh so intense! A perfume so strong on me I have to limit it to cool weather only. Having said that the fragrance remains fairly close to the body and never blows other people away. A perfume that makes men want to lean in closer. Every man asks me what I'm wearing, and apart from Joy, this is the only fragrance men have ever asked about.Excellent sillage, one spray lasts all day. Just be careful not to spray it directly on clothing. You may never wash it out.Its formulation is smooth and the spicy top notes never disappear. Dry down is woody and rose sweet without being sickly. The violet notes never appear on my skin and the fragrance remains true to form from the moment I apply it until I wash it off. I can see why this has not taken the market by storm. It's far too individualistic for many younger people used to the plastic perfumes of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. The green notes in it remind me of some of the great green perfumes such as Ivoire and Ma Griffe, not because they smell similar, but because it stands out from other fragrances of its era in the same way they do. May they never, ever, ever discontinue this gem.
6th December 2006