Angels’ Share 
By Kilian (2020)

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Angels’ Share by By Kilian

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About Angels’ Share by By Kilian

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By Kilian
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Angels’ Share is a shared scent launched in 2020 by By Kilian

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Reviews of Angels’ Share by By Kilian

There are 10 reviews of Angels’ Share by By Kilian.

It's a good fragrance but I find it a bit too simple. You get the cinnamon and liquor note that reminds you of Ambre Narguile. The drydown is a pleasant tonka and vanilla scent with some praline to give it a touch of gourmand feel. I might be going a bit too hard on this scent but it's 2023. There are so many other sweet tonka and vanilla scents that I can try. There are also clones of Ambre Narguile that come so close to the original. And then there's Kismet Angel.

This will smell amazing if you just joined the hobby, but this type of smell has lost its appeal. I'm giving it a neutral rating because it doesn't excite me.

This is a slightly sweeter version of Tom Ford Noir Extreme with a slight pinch of Frapin 1270 (because of the cognac note). You get the slight booziness with the ambery vanilla and cinnamon in this gem. Nothing new, but something nice. 8/10

Where do I begin...?
Angels’ Share... This is a piece of art not just a scent to me. I finally found my holy grail. Anything I'll smell from now on will never be as good as this.

Boozy warm apple pie... Delicious.

Words cannot do justice to this ANGELIC and masterfully blended concoction. It's so good I'm literally speechless. This is silky smooth brandy/cognac coming out of an aged oak barrel, beautifully wrapped in a transparent yet very noticeable veil of sweet praline, roasted peanuts, warm apple pie fresh out the oven sprinkled with cinnamon, and even smells of candy floss at times, but don't be mistaken, this smells extremely refined and mature.

The projection is absolutely beastly but never obnoxious, the longevity is outstanding aswell. Easy 10 hours+ on my skin.
Angels’ Share is so addictive I can’t stop smelling myself whenever I wear it.
It’s alluring and downright irresistible. Absolute perfection. Even if you're not a fan of boozy or gourmand fragrances, you'll be shocked at how divine you smell.

TRUST and BELIEVE, whenever you wear this perfume, you'll be the best, and I mean the BEST smelling person in the room, no questions.

If I could compare Angels’ Share to a song, it would be.....
"Shirley Bassey - Where Do I Begin (Away Team Mix)"

Perfection in a bottle. 12/10

In sampling both Apple Brandy and Angels Share at the same time with my wife, the warm, cinnamon, boozy, and sweet notes in Angels Share kept tricking us into thinking we were smelling Apple Brandy. It just seemed to fit better with the name.

Regardless, this is the better option of the two. It really has a high-end, boozy, apple pie scent.

On my skin, this projects and lasts a long time. It's very loud even with 1 or 2 sprays, lasting all day.

This opens like a boozy apple pie, and I’m surprised to see there wasn’t apple in the notes. Then the boozy note tones down and I notice more of the woodsy note. There is a sweetness at the beginning, but it tones down a little. There are aspects that make me feel it’s more feminine, but overall it has a much more masculine feel.

Like boozy cinnamon apple pie - festive and absolutely delicious.this is one of those fragrances you can pull on the night time and having fun with the ladies.cozy,warming sweet seductive boozy super smells like you are dancing in a dark and crowded nightclub,the music is pulsing and the room is vibrating.

This fragrance is basically cognac and cinnamon with some tonka bean and vanilla in the background giving it a slight powdery resinous accord.the wood is there adding depth and warps you in a warm hug and brings forth isn't overbearingly sweet. definitely only for fall and winter.

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