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Creed (1933)


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For me the first ten minutes are piercingly sharp. The impression is of aldehydes, but perhaps it's the angelica. I've only ever smelled the candied variety used for cake decoration, so I couldn't say for sure. After this, it settles into a more pleasantly earthy, herbal thing with a vanilla sweetness running through it. There's a white floral accord here, mostly tuberose, & a powdery incense. One hour in, there's a salty, savoury ambergris, & another hour later, the base is a sweet, woody, powdery amber. The projection is moderate after that opening salvo, & it all fades out around seven hours in.
This has a retro style, yet at the same time the vanilla adds a touch of modernity, & there's none of the "turned" feel that I sometimes get from vintage-style fragrances. The herbal notes give it a coldness, & yet there's a warmth to it, especially in the drydown. These contrasts certainly make it an interesting fragrance, & aside from the opening, I rather enjoyed this one.
Dec 4, 2019

A unisex scent from Creed that could be worn by both genders, depending on personal preference with the elements of Angélique Encens. (Consider that one fan of this scent was Marlene Dietrich!)

Amber helps this scent to be acceptable by either gender, as do the incense and some of the florals (e.g. jasmine, tuberose, angelica) and the vanilla. How about the Bulgarian Rose? That may be a make it or break for men. Overall, all these notes blend into a smooth, pleasing scent that feels unrestricted to either gender.

Sep 19, 2018

Very interesting fragrance. Musty. Earthy. Funerary, dark floral. Somewhat sultry, in a vintage way. Sweetness drifts in and out. Call me crazy but, I get a waft of York Peppermint Patty smell now and then.

Delightful amber/vanilla presence hours later. A monster for sillage. The base reminds of Amber 114 by Histoires de Parfums. A bottle of this just sold on ebay today, for $1,025. I will admit this turned out to be a beautiful perfume and I'm glad I had a tiny sample to try it. However, I don't think it warrants That high a price...

May 6, 2018

Angelique Encens opens with a blast of aromatic tuberose and radiant frankincense, with a touch of supporting nutmeg-like ginger and slightly bracing herbal angelica. Moving to the early heart the tuberose gradually recedes as the frankincense takes over as star supported by soft powdery vanilla and remnants of the herbal angelica. During the late dry-down the frankincense remains in support though heavily diminished, ceding control to the dry, soft powdery vanilla that is sole star through the finish. Projection is very good and longevity excellent at over 12 hours on skin.

Angelique Encens is one of the few Creed compositions that had stayed under my radar, only surfacing when a friend asked if I had ever tried it. Having answered that I hadn't, I quickly sought to rectify the situation, as the composition certainly has a significant following. Having now worn the composition a couple times on skin I can't say I understand all the hoopla. The open really is impressive, as a lovely natural smelling tuberose joins excellent frankincense, meshing perfectly with the ginger and angelica acting more as binder than anything else. So far, so good... Then the powdery vanilla from the base arrives and to a degree ruins things. This powdery vanilla really is pretty dry and lacking sweetness, forming a soft powdery cloud that integrates with the frankincense very well, yet still seems to soften the effect rather than enhance it. By the time the composition reaches its late dry-down, it is pretty much an all powdery dry vanilla affair that has been done many times before just as well as here. In all fairness, this is a vintage composition, so maybe at the time the composition was created it was considered innovative, but I doubt it. In the end, Angelique Encens opens strong but deteriorates as time passes, leaving one shrugging their shoulders as to what all the fuss is for. One thing that should be mentioned to the composition's credit is Angelique Encens smells nothing like the style of most Creed compositions today, proving along with some of the other early house offerings that Creed used to have some more interesting stylistic range. The bottom line is the $1120 per 250ml flacon on the aftermarket discontinued Angelique Encens is a welcome departure to the Creed compositions of today, but while it has some excellent ingredients and polish, its soft powder takes away a lot of its positive impact, earning it an "above average" 2.5 to 3 stars out of 5 rating and a solid neutral recommendation if one ignores its lofty price tag.
Jun 23, 2015

Angelica and incense notes dominated the opening giving a rather incense and herbal like feel to it, which lasted approximately 2-3 hours. I had difficulties trying to find the tuberose and jasmine notes since they aren’t dominant in the scent. Observing more closely, I do get traces of these notes in the heart of the scent once the angelica and incense begins to tone down. While this is happening the vanilla and amber begin to creep up into the front from the background. The floral notes combined with the vanilla/amber combo sweeten the scent making it much smoother. After about 4 hours, the infamous vanilla drydown joined along with amber and incense takes center stage. I do get a hint of ambergris although this was not officially listed on the (UK) creed boutique website. By now the fragrance stays closer to the skin but still irresistible. The lifetime of the scent is approximately 6-8 hours depending on the application. Along with Vintage Tabarome, Windsor, and Bois de Santal this is another yesteryear masterpiece from the classic Creeds. I’m proud to own this fragrance in my collection.
Jan 26, 2015

The Royal Creed Angelique Encens's ambergris-frankincense (aromatic-spicy) rendition is still nowadays one of the most irreproachable classic incense treatments of the worldwide perfumery and all at once a terrific subtle rose-frankincense-animalic powder soapy accord (of immense beauty and sophistication). I smell just balance and perfection. The angelica/light-talky ambergris/frankincense accord arouses an aromatic (vaguely minty-eliotropic) dusty-powdery assertive aura (for several of its facets vaguely conjuring by soon- but it happens mostly along the way - "un-incensey" juices a la Grossmith Phul-Nana- anyway also slightly incensey scents a la Bois d'Armenie jump on mind) while rose and white flowers counteract the barely resinous solemn accord with a soapy sophisticated (vaguely victorian and more mondane) spark. All the elements are in perfect symphonic balance while an arcane chypre-floral talky final trail provides a "blow" of classy refinement. The final vanilla is almost ghostly and anyway magistrally appointed in order to preserve the general dry harmony with a whiff of soapiness (in perfect empathy with the rose-patchouli clean botanic-earthy laundriness). The final incensey-eliotropic vibe is a part of a more complex articulated chypre accord and not a straightforward liturgical onedimentional feel. A great sophisticated incensey-floral ambergris guys.
Dec 21, 2014

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