Angélique was launched in the Summer of 2014 as part of the initial trio of fragrances from Papillon (the other two being Anubis and Tobacco Rose)

The company says:

Inspired by the astonishing beauty of the Iris Pallida flower, Angélique captures the delicate essence of a delightful Spring garden.

Cascades of French mimosa, osmanthus and white champac are woven between the powdered, violet facets of precious orris.

Virginian cedarwood and subtle notes of frankincense bring an ethereal light and delicate freshness to this tender composition.

Angélique fragrance notes

    • iris pallida, french mimosa, osmanthus, white champaca, orris, virginian cedarwood, frankincense, Olibanum

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Latest Reviews of Angélique

A linear, vanilla-y, floral. Nice enough, but nothing exceptional.
24th June 2020

A very dry, acrid, bitter orris, underlaid with a peachy apricot sweetness from the osmanthus flower, comes to the nose at once upon application. The bitterness of the orris recedes quite quickly, leaving a soft powdery effect, aided by the vanilla accord in the champaca. I don't detect the mimosa accord.

The reference to butter cookies in another of the 7 Basenotes reviews to date is quite apt. Actually, this is a warm and inviting scent as it progresses to its heart and seems quite unisex in my opinion. The effect of fig, as mentioned by another reviewer, is quite prominent after about 20 minutes.

Use of the cedar and frankincense in the base is very restrained, just a touch to ground the apricot/orris/vanilla triad.

Unique and rather nice.

My spouse found it very gourmand, more vanilla, butter, sugar cookie than floral. This was not to his taste.

I give it a thumbs up as I do rather like it, though I would not personally wear it.
24th May 2020

Papillon Artisan Perfumes / Angelique

The olfactory group: Floral Green
Base notes: bitter and gentle
Duration and playability: Poor

Starting note:
Alcoholic, bitter, and vegetarian is the beginning of a quartz while you will not find an accordion.

Then it gets a little hot and smoky and spicy. It's not too hot, it will have a quick, quick start.

Middle notes:

Smell a little smoky, sliver, and mildew bread, and you'll understand that it's from the Champaca tree. It's a mushroom in English ...!

In this step, you will feel the warmer and more powdery aroma of this fragrance than the start of the perfume. It will not last much longer.

Final note:

Only the powdery and mildewed mode will remain at this stage with a little moisture. The bean patch will relax in the space of the fragrance.

Papillon Angelique

It has a uniform smell so that you will not see a particular and lasting change

Aroma is a floral, powdery, soft and unisex fruit (I think most women are)

An aroma with a dry, mysterious, mysterious atmosphere, like the dark, strange, old and fearful of unknown places.
My understanding of perfume was this.

Early on, I had a sense of failure and discomfort with the perfume experience, but when I allowed the perfume to form my own mind, I was eager to continue working.
The atmosphere of perfume and the image that will make perfume in your mind, I'm sure you have not imagined before

Comparing Angelique perfume with other Papillon fragrances, Ms. Liz Moores was expecting more perfume because I used to admire special chords to create this work.

Mrs. Liz Moores is likely to have a special personality who creates special perfumes. What I saw in most of their work is that they are bipolar ...!
Or you hate or hate their work
I'm in Salamé and Angelique in the Bounty Humor or Hate ...!

You can use this fragrance all year round. But because of the fragrance of the second half of the year, it is better to choose.

Sillage: 2/5

Longevity: 2/5

Scent: 2/5

Overall: 3.5 / 5
11th February 2018
A delightful spring fragrance which, after several wearings, has really grown on me. A crisp initial phase, consisting mostly of iris & mimosa with a little cedar, gives way after thirty minutes or so to a milky, lactonic accord that reminds me of fig, although this note isn't listed. A couple of hours further in, the creamy white champaca flower takes over, & from here the fragrance slowly fades. The projection is low to moderate, very close to the skin after seven hours, but detectable after twelve.
This one is very different from the rest of the line. It doesn't come over as an impenetrable wall of scent like the others, it's much lighter in mood, more textured, & I would say it leans much more feminine. The trait that they all share, at least for me, is a certain lack of development once the mid phase is reached.
In terms of scent though, Angelique is by far my favourite of the four, & I wouldn't say no to a decant of this one.
31st May 2016
This is a floral opening, but it is not a terribly sweet and soft floral character I am encountering here. The iris dominates, but it has a woody and aloof side to it, with the mimosa greener that expected - restrained mimosa leaf with a more discreet sweetness so to speak more than the blossomy in-your-face sweetness.

The drydown with the added orris and champac emphasises the woodsy/spicy/earthy side of this composition, never overwhelmingly floral.

The performance delivers moderate sillage, good projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

A spring scent with an interesting take on floral characteristics in general, but the drawback is a certain lack of intensity and richness. A good fragrance for those who only want a lighter and less directly floral scent, a 'floral-lite' so to speak. 2.75/5.
24th April 2016
After application I'm enveloped in a buttery cloud of Iris coupled with a apricot like sugary sweetness coming from the mimosa petals. This is all on a woody backdrop which underpins the scent at this time.

The scent is floral and a bit powdery though unmistakably feminine. I could appreciate smelling this on a lady but could not wear this one myself.

All in all a nice fragrance.

29th November 2015
How to get inside a tin of Danish butter cookies – that's the opening lesson of Angélique. The butterfat accord is so soft, delicious and unique (though, I hasten to add, without the cookie sugariness), one needs to try this just for that effect alone – miles from the usual orris butteriness.
The second surprise Angélique offers in the course of its development is that it isn't really a floral in the traditional sense at all – despite osmanthus, champaca and mimosa being listed in the notes and the perfumer's stated inspiration being the delicate scent of the flowers in her garden which led to an attempt to make an olfactory portrait of the iris pallida flower. Well, take that with a huge pinch of salt and enjoy Angélique for what it really is – a lemony cedar with a non-smoky frankincense accent suffused with that light, buttery aura.
Delicacy is its abiding aspect, difference is its trump, and it offers instant uplift.
17th April 2015
Have you ever smelled a flower, expecting something pretty and floral, but instead it just smelled like dewy petals and green plant bits? Angélique seems to be a bit of an interesting study in flowers that don't smell floral. The iris is cool and chalky, aloof even. The cedar and frankincense hum in the background, lending a sort of woody realness without warming anything. Meanwhile, the flowers on top are the non-floral kind, giving a weird sense of vegetal quiet while something in the iris gives a quiet buzz of violet.

Frankly, Angélique is not a friendly scent. Unlike many irises that become warm, rich, and expansive with vanilla and rich basenotes, this is a cold, distant smell - thin but strong, though not very long-lasting. I imagine it on a Devil-Wears-Prada type, in a fashionable taupe dress tearing down people with her eyes. As such, it's probably not for me, but I think it's clever.
19th February 2015