Angel Nova 
Thierry Mugler (2020)

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Reviews of Angel Nova by Thierry Mugler

There are 1 reviews of Angel Nova by Thierry Mugler.

A brand new exotic dirty/musky accord of red fruits and rose on a woody oriental base. Completely different from the Classic Angel (just in common a - on here just vague - "icy"/cool aura) which is a sort of gourmand patchouli "frozen" (yummy-gourmand kind of slightly almondy/chocolatey) bomb. As opening a "synthetically realistic" raspberry note mixed with a fizzy musky litchi-presence. Definitely musky-acid and "red" as olfactive introduction. Rose emerges gradually almost ominously and commanding. The main fruity accord is settled on a basis of this redolent super rosey rose, woody/resinous notes and a oriental "junction" of vanilla/ benzoin. The note of rose is modern in its fruity/bright yes "cosmic" cool-vaguely icy rendition. With a double extraction/distillation process the perfumer has created a quite modern, bold, bright and almost animalistic musky-fruity rose (intense, vibrant and sensual). The woody presence affords a sort of patch-vibe while benzoin and hints of vanilla provide a sensual final touch. Angel Nova is the fragrance for a bold ultra-feminine contemporary woman. It seems the long lasting durability and powerful sillage of the fruity juice are intensified by the warmth of the wearer's body and sweat (highly interacting with his/her individual chemistry). With this fragrance Mugler reinvents itself by re-interpreting in a modern (tachnologically and conceptually updated) key a classic timeless bold success as Angel. Angel Nova is pretty sensual (a "sweaty/musky" sensuality a la Cartier La Panthére) and hyper feminine in a modern "blatant" way. Synthetic erotism in a bottle.
Mar 20, 2021

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