Angel Garden of Stars : Lily Angel 
Thierry Mugler (2005)


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Angel Garden of Stars : Lily Angel by Thierry Mugler

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The "Garden of Stars" series is intended to reach out to both consumers who are fans and those that do not like the original Angel.
Angel is a Woody-Foody scent with no floral notes -- this new range intends to 'floralize' the scent. The three fragrances are Violet Angel, Lily Angel and Peony Angel.

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Reviews of Angel Garden of Stars : Lily Angel by Thierry Mugler

There are 13 reviews of Angel Garden of Stars : Lily Angel by Thierry Mugler.

Le Lys, like her sisters from Angel Garden series, opens with a light touch of classic Angel patchouli + honey combo. Though chocolate is not listed, the patch-honey combo kind reminds of it.

After about an hour, patchouli mellows and hands off the relay to lily. Honey is always there and I smell something like baked nuts as well. It kind makes me think of mixing Miroir des Envies with A Travers le Miroir while lily is still the main role. At this stage, it's not obivious that Le Lys is actually an Angel flanker.

After about 4 hours, patchouli resurfaces and reclaims the Angel liaison. Though it smells Mugler style patchouli, it's soft in Le Lys and under the control of lily and honey. The whole scent remains tender and close to skin for another 4 hours.

Le Lys is actually a romantic lily fragrance with a hint of Angel. Even if you're put off by the patchouli and the sweetness in the original version, Le Lys could still be your 'Angel'.

The top notes are really strong - a big blast of earthiness with a strong tobacco kick which settles down when the sweetness starts to show up. The fruitiness is not very citrusy, it's more like a fruit cocktail. I find the sweet notes a little too strong to make this a keeper, but it's worth a try if you go for that cotton-candy-with-a-side-of-powdery-melon sort of thing. One thing I'm not getting from all this business however, is lily. I just don't find it that noticeable.

I see this fragrance as being a refreshing spin on the original Angel.

The lily, honey and fruity notes gives Le Lys an almost watery freshness and an undeniable casual feel.

This fragrance is missing the dark chocolatey notes which make up the original making this scent much lighter and for some, more wearable.

Le Lys is so fresh and different, clean almost. The dominant lily note makes this fragrance sparkle with vibrancy and colour. This is a variation of Angel at its prettiest.

The lasting strength is good yet the sillage is no where near as powerful as Angel is, however I admire this fragrance's subtlety. For lovers of lily fragrances or people searching for a lighter or fresher version of Angel.

Although my latest love interest is Poeme, this one will forever be love of my life. Strange, unusual, complex, powerful, wild, beautiful... I'll be missing you!

Another beautiful variation of Angel with springy lily notes...Gorgeous...

Big thumbs up...!!!

Root beer left in an old tin cup in the sun for a couple of days?
Metallic, synthetic, unpleasant.

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