The company say "It’s the soul of Angel, reinvented. The Angel you don’t expect. A pure Elixir, expressing the augmented femininity of today’s fearless supra-women. Innocent yet powerful. Grounded yet extra-ordinary. Ultra-edgy yet embracing. With Angel Elixir, a new star is born. A totally original, woody floral gourmand scent that reinvents what makes Angel Eau de Parfum so unique. Here, Angel’s signature indulgence turns into a floral Milky Way, captured in Mugler’s iconic star-shaped bottle, morphed into a captivating deep blue. A shimmering spark of metallic spices. An out-of-this-world, milky floral bouquet invented by Mugler. A nebula of luscious vanilla infusion, empowered by cutting-edge woody Amber Xtreme™. More than a fragrance, Angel Elixir is the catalyst to reinvent your reality. Because the real world is not enough…"

Angel Elixir fragrance notes

  • Head

    • pink pepper
  • Heart

    • jasmine, orange blossom, ylang ylang, sandalwood
  • Base

    • Bourbon vanilla, Amber Xtreme

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I recently visited the Macy's perfume counter to test the new Angel Elixir. As I approached the counter, I overheard a sales associate helping another customer find a perfume that "isn't too floral". The SA suggested that the other customer try the new Angel Elixir, so I had a perfume testing buddy to talk to now. I mentioned to the SA that the perfume smells like Alien Goddess Intense, and she assured me that it did not and that the Elixir is a special fragrance. My new perfume buddy said that she preferred Black Opium over Angel Elixir. I picked up the Angel EDT tester, spayed it on a test strip and handed it to my buddy. She said that this one was her favorite so far.

Angel Elixir smells like a cross between black opium and Alien Goddess Intense, but with what I assume is the "Amber Xtreme" molecule. I was hoping that the AX molecule would save the fragrance, maybe make it less boring, but unfortunately, it didn't. It really is a super generic amber white floral that blends in with the other designer offerings. So, it is time to stock up backup bottles for Angel EDP and ETD, and Angel Nova EDP and EDT. I already stocked up on Angel Muse EDP and EDT. I will not be purchasing Angel Elixir.

5th March 2023