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No flowers in this scent! Just a whole load of food: Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel...
Its uniqueness is what makes it so popular, but also the reason others can't stand it.

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Reviews of Angel by Thierry Mugler

There are 257 reviews of Angel by Thierry Mugler.

There is something very unusual & bizarre in the opening of Angel. Rotted garbage chicken, a sweet/sour earthy, unpleasantness that we associate with trash.

I find that, for me, Angel shines in the very long winded middle section of the wear. I let the opening notes chill the eff out, and then enjoy the sweet, cozy patchouli that comes out later in the middle & drydown.

I did not care for Angel for a very long time. It was just too weird, to gross, to big of a stink for me. But I’d always come back. I would, and do, spray one of the tens of sample vials pawned off on me by my aunties to wear every now and then to see if I tune into it. Sometimes I do & sometimes I don’t. It’s odd, it’s big, and I think it’s funny how much people hate it & I think that’s kind of why I like it.
Nov 5, 2021

After a brief blast of bergamot freshness, and a burst of berries (strawberries, dewberries, whiffs of recurrants, I get an impression of fresh hay the is an expression of the Helonial.

The drydown turns flora, with mainly a green jasmine on me that has no woody character, with touches of a darker rose and hints of orchids.

The the sweeter core starts: a honey not to start it off. Soon caramel is on the forefront, with a background of milk chocolate mixing a completing this triad. later on a coumarin develops, that adds spicier tones that lead into the base.

The spicy side in compliments by a rich but minimally harsh patchouli.. The desert platter in enriched further by a rich and smooth tonka not, with woods also arising as time goes by. I get mainly sandalwood here, but it is not strong on me. Towards the end, sweetish white musks add additional nuances.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection, and nine hours of longevity on my skin.

This scent for warmer autumn days was released in 1992 as the prototype of a gourmand, triggering the inundation with products of this genre in the coming years. Over time I fine that the intense and indulgent richness has been modified to make it slimmer. lighter and a bit more generic. Still a good one though. 3.5/5
Apr 13, 2021

Bonkers! Good! Call me crazy, but in this day and age I think it leans masculine.
Apr 6, 2021

Angel has been completely reformulated... and in my opinion, destroyed. No longer the chocolatey sweet, vanilla caramel fragrance that would last all day. When I first purchased Angel EDP in the 90s, it became my favorite and the most complimented fragrance I have ever worn. I would be stopped by both men and women all the time to ask what I was wearing. Angel would last all day, and the sweet yet woodsy undertones would last on clothing and pulse points for a very long time. After years of wearing, I became a little bored and strayed away to Dior's Savage. After years, I purchased another bottle of Angel EDP and was taken back because I thought the bottle I purchased was either defective or a fake. I went to Nordstrom and purchased another bottle, only to find it was the same as the one I thought was a fake. I was mortified and called Mugler customer service. They told me the Eau de Toilette had been reformulated but NOT the EDP. Wrong! LIES! The chocolate bass-note now smells like lemon nutmeg to me and the fragrance only last a few hours. As it wears, it smells like an acidy lemon body odor... to hard to describe. I am sickened that Mugler ruined the best perfume I encountered. It would of been less painful had they discontinued it completely. My guess is Mugler is no longer being manufactured in France, or it was sold to some company like Cody (that ruins any company they buy), or the original ingredients became too expensive to manufacture so they replaced scents. (My guess is it was sold) I wish the original would be reintroduced, even for twice the price if necessary... or perhaps the chemist that has the recipe died and took the formula with him. Rest in peace Angel EDP... you will be sorely missed.
Mar 23, 2021

I love the smell of Angel. I always have. So I wear it for me.
Mar 14, 2021

Have not worn this for at least a decade or more and it has been bastardised to death, but the original Eau de Parfum is and will always be a masterpiece. Has there been another gourmand that even comes close to the daddy?
I recall a scandal back in the early 90's when an early 20th century perfume house roughly copied the formula and bottled it in one of their 1920/30s perfumes pretending it was the original fragrance, thinking they would get away with it as up to that point in France no perfume house had ever sued another on the basis of copying. The Grande Damme behind Angel decided to break that tradition and took them to court, I believe the matter was settled out of legal chambers finally but lets say the older house ended up with quite a lot of oeuf on their face, there are lots of other dirt on how the battle was won but the point I'm making is that Angel is one of those rare animals that could not be compared to anything when it launched in 92, totally unique, perhaps the last time that was achieved in commercial perfumery. Last thing, like Aventus now, and all the other Boom Boom perfumes less is definitely more, death by Angel is not sexy its like being smothered to death by an aging cougar who really should stay at home and leave the club to her granddaughters!
Oct 8, 2020

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