The face of the launch campaign is Marie de Villepin, the daughter of French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin.

Ange ou Démon fragrance notes

  • Head

    • white thyme, calabrian mandarin, saffron essence
  • Heart

    • maxillaria orchid, lily, ylang ylang
  • Base

    • tonka bean, vanilla, rosewood, oakwood absolute

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Latest Reviews of Ange ou Démon

I love the saffron and the peppery lily. A beautiful contrast to the vanilla and Tonka. Slightly sweet and nurturingly powdery. This is one of my favorites. It haunts me like a dream.
3rd January 2023
This is so tempting. Lightly and warmly spicy - just a bit, a bit sweet, a bit intoxicating - but not overwhelming - a bit deep, but not very dark, very inviting and subtly sexy. A beautiful perfume, a gorgeous bottle, a treat to senses.
12th April 2021

A gorgeous and strong gourmand opening, then a fruity dry-down. A reverse fragrance. I wish it stayed stronger for a longer time.
9th June 2018
Amazing perfume. deep and sweet. great longevity and sillage.
14th January 2017
A mandarin note in the opening blends well with a light and gentle saffron note, that is much less intensive than e.g. in Sultan Safran by Comptoir Sud Pacifique, which was a regular of mine for some time. The drydown is flowery, with a pleasant orchid impression combining with a lily note. So far it is a pleasant composition, but the base with its wood and vanilla is quite generic on my skin, albeit never too sweet.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and five hours of longevity; over nice but the end phase is a disappointment. 2/5
21st June 2015
I may be coming onto this fragrance too late in the game. I'm having problems finding the distinction in this from many an oriental gourmand. It's been done many times before. Or is it many times since?  And I wish I could glimpse the angel and it's shadow, the demon.  I envisioned a frosty cool, achingly beautiful lily/orchid, set high above a beastly, hot counterpoint of darkness below it. But it really isn't a fragrance like that at all. The angel, from the smell of it, is another homage to Angel... sigh. Sometimes fragrances can be so deriviative. This is more bearable than Angel, but it's hard to find the wickedly sensual in vanilla, orange and herb.

But what it is... If I take away my expectations, it is a midtone, modulated, richly vanillic cool floral gourmand. I'm not attracted to this style, so I'm having problems being fair to it. Except I really don't have to. All I know is that on my skin this doesn't shine or become sultry, become a delicious fragrance, all the things others say about it. I can't feel anything more than ambivalence. I will pass, and look for one that has a little more sensuality, depth and floral and less creamsicle.
30th May 2015
First factor attracted me to this was the wonderful heavy crystal bottle so i expected a mysterious or magical scent but when i tried it, i found that the bottle have artistic! Ange Ou Démon smells nice but not unique. In other words sultry, oriental, feminine, warm, modern, hypnotic and seductive.

Ange Ou Démon by Givenchy is notes the essence of seductive femininity that is effortlessly charming impressive and enticing. It opens with fresh notes then quickly reveals it is a warm feminine scent by floral heart as it is uplifiting. Vanilla in the base notes makes it sweet.

Tottaly it is not too strong and not too mild for me. A ladylike perfume but in a seductive way. Perfect for a modern lady, a lady who reveals the subtlest hint of emotion. It is not for a shy character and without doubt is seemly for special occasions in winter eveninigs.
24th May 2015
While out walking a canine friend one spring morning, flowers bursting all over the neighborhood, I thought, "Man all these flowers smell amazing!" I quickly realized that incredible burst of florals was actually the Ange ou Demon emanating from my wrist. Wow! I had it applied only a small amount to one wrist to test, and already this scent was wafting around me.

It is, indeed, incredibly sweet. But also spicy and exotic. The mandarin orange gives it a little punch, and the florals are dreamy and just dripping with sweet vanilla. The woody notes really anchor it and provide that notable sensuality/maturity. What a perfect name "Ange ou Demon" (Angel or Devil) - it's so versatile. It seems to perfectly conform to how you decide to wear it. A playful, sweet and feminine daytime fragrance? Sure! A seductive (perhaps naughty) nighttime perfume? Absolutely!

It's a complex and spellbinding chameleon of a scent. I disagree that it's strictly a cold-weather scent. I'd wear this any time of the day, any time of the year, it's incredible! Long lasting with incredible sillage, too.
21st April 2015
Masterpiece Elegant bubblegum, maybe a little rum and Dr. Pepper? Something sweet but also something masculine and exquisite while still being very feminine. Hey, I get the name now.Pros: VersitileCons: None"
14th July 2013
There seem to be really divided opinions on this one! I am a lover of it, for my 2c worth...I don't like Angel at all, find it nauseatingly sweet, so am surprised to like this one as it definitely is in a similar camp as TM's Angel. But the herbaceous notes save this from death by sugar. And I love vanilla, so that was always gonna be fine here - I do get a juxtaposition of moods from this frag, a push/pull effect, the angel/demon thing is at work but IMHO could use a little more of the devil ;-) It's perhaps just a 'fraction' too sweet...but it settles well on my skin's chemistry; good for winter nights on the town...
22nd June 2012
I have a mini bottle of this which came in a job lot I bought to get some other perfume (I forget which it was by now). I put it aside thinking "Oh, I'll give it a try sometime" and sort of forgot all about it. I came across it a few days ago and tried it out and Oh My Word, its amazing!! Spicy, floral and so long lasting! Its definitely angelic rather than demonic, but its one of those cute sexy gothic angels you see in animations. Mysterious and delicious, and quite possibly addictive!!
22nd March 2012
This fragrance introduces herself with a deep open-mouth kiss filled with ylang ylang. Blew me away. I thought "wow, this is seduction". Then came the nice spicy thyme and mandarin notes and I feel in love. But, as the scent progressed I started to feel empty longing for the spice and ylang ylang to come back. What I am left with reminds me of the final unravelling of hypnotic poison mixed with a fruity sweetness. At this point the fragrance truly lives up to its name: Ange ou Demon (Angel or Devil). I picture a sex siren and she is daring and hypnotizing to men (the hypnotic poison element in the wood and vanilla ending), but drawing her victim in with an innocence that he cannot resist (the sweetness I can only describe as ordinary concord grape).
For me, the tryst is over. I want the sexy citrus spice and ylang ylang back, but for others the allure is just beginning...
4th March 2012