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    • citrus notes, tangerine, green tea

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The problem with citrus/green tea scents is that it's apparently very difficult to not have them end up smelling like a cheap spa candle. I can see how Anena tries to use the pine to avoid this, but it doesn't really work, ending up smelling like the scent they'd pipe into the restrooms at an upscale outlet mall.
31st October 2015
A uniquely presented citrus opening… there are green elements in the citrus that keep it from becoming a citrus infused household cleaning agent: The green fills in the spaces between the citruses and takes the lead in the accord, leaving the citruses to merely suggest their citrus personas. The tea is also there saving the citrus from the lemon pledge accusations. What a clever way to introduce citrus. Before long the scent goes pine-y and the tea loses much of its sparkly character and becomes flatter and duller: This is the drydown and it doesn't carry the intrigue of the opening. As characterlessly pine-y / tea as the drydown is, it is still workable. It could serve as a very adequate masculine skin scent, highly appropriate for an office situation. Anena has excellent longevity on my skin.
10th October 2008