Andy Warhol Montauk fragrance notes

  • Head

    • blueberry, wild bergamot
  • Heart

    • hyacinth, lily of the valley, honeysuckle
  • Base

    • silver maple, red oak, driftwood, amber

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Very airy, fresh and with the white florals, can become cloying if over-applied. Feels very unisex to me. The floral-citrus opening reminds me of KC Reaction. However, the citrus leaves and gives way to a more metallic-white floral, similar to Chrome Legend and SMW, without the ink. This metallic white-floral is the note that can easily become cloying if over-applied. In small doses, it's very nice but in a generic way. And that's my only real gripe with Montauk is that it smells a little cheap.

Performance is not an issue, so there's nothing cheap about that. I get good projection and 10 hours longevity.
14th November 2019
Even though it doesn't show in the notes, there has to be grapefruit in this. Great for warmer weather. The Blueberry note is a plus in this one. Smelled this somewhere before.
17th July 2018

This is a very bi-polar fragrance for me. Some days, it's the most beautiful grapefruit-like smell and other days, it smells like I'm wearing an unwashed t-shirt under my clothes or like I used my t-shirt to dry off after a shower, then actually wore the t-shirt.
15th December 2017
Andy Warhol bottle.

Had a smell of this while on the hunt for another Bond. Sprayed it on the skin and thought that it was too feminine... About an hour later I couldn't stop sniffing my arm where I had applied it. It is just a wonderful summer fragrance that works amazingly with the heat. A blueberry chalky type scent that really draws me in. Similar to Bleu de Chanel, but the tart blueberry puts in a class of its own.
25th April 2017
Agree 100% with Silentrich's review. Nothing like Kenneth Cole Black and massive compliment getter. This is the wife's favorite out of my entire collection.
22nd February 2017
One of the more overlooked Bond No.9 fragrances that gets wrongly labeled as a "generic" fragrance. It breaks the generic label right off the bat with the opening of a tart blueberry. It's bright and it's a fantastic accord that I've yet to smell in any other fragrance. That's probably because this is backed by notes of maple and oak which you don't find in many fragrances. The maple adds richness and the oak adds creaminess. Nothing generic about this and this smells absolutely nothing like Kenneth Cole Black which I've owned several times for many years. Also, this gets mislabeled as a beach or aquatic fragrance which this is not and the notes clearly show that it doesn't have anything to do with an aquatic. Compliment wise this is off the charts and people absolutely love this fragrance. Projection and longevity are extremely good for a fresh fragrance and right on par with other Bonds. Don't sleep on Montauk and don't judge it on first impressions. The more you wear this the more you'll appreciate it.
19th August 2016
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