Andy Warhol fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, cypress, plum
  • Heart

    • jasmine, agarwood, rose, patchouli, cistus
  • Base

    • sandalwood, vanilla, musk, olibanum

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I wanted to really like this one, but it was just flat-out too sweet for me. The vanilla overpowered the plum and other notes. I would choose Plum Japonais all day long over this one ... and even the TF dries down a little sweeter than I would like.
21st March 2022
I'd heard much about Bond No. 9 Andy Warhol, as I've been keener on plum-dominant fragrances this year, and have just purchased a bottle of Tom Ford Plum Japonais, and Andy Warhol similarly does not disappoint.

AW is overall slightly sweeter than PJ, as a reference point, with the plum being very much front-and-center in the topnotes along with a fresh cypress and bergamot pairing. I definitely get a hefty dose of rose in the heart, which is welcome, and blends unexpectedly well with the plum. It almost creates a new type of sweet rose aspect that I've not experienced previously, despite the omnipresence of rose as of late.

The oud in the dry down is quite subtle, and there's no sense of a rose/oud combination (an especially pervasive pairing that I quite like). The base notes are not particularly detectable to my nose; vanilla may be there, but the plum still creates most of the sweetness to my nose. Musk and sandalwood could contribute to a soft, woody dry down but I don't get much of either, frankly.

Perhaps except for the bottle (purple with Warhol's head), it's difficult to distinguish from some of flankers so one needs to be careful in seeking this one out.

Performance seems solid, comparable to other Bonds and perhaps even some of the Tom Ford Private Blend line that are not the strongest of the line, and I'm by no coincidence thinking of Plum Japonais.

Use-wise, I could see this having year-round wearability though I'd certainly gravitate toward using it in the colder weather, and men and women alike could use it for both formal and informal occasions.

Overall a great composition and one I now want to track down.

9 out of 10
6th December 2016

a nice plum opening with a woody drydown..very low sillage and short duration..absolutely not worth its price tag..not surprised by discontinuation!
15th January 2015
If you enjoy Tom Ford Plum Japonais, it is almost impossible not to enjoy this fragrance. This has some vanilla in it but I would not be surprised if Tom Ford had some inspiration for his scent due to Bond Andy Warhol. I love the plum and incense in both.
Unfortunately discontinued due to an expired licensing agreement with the Andy Warhol Foundation.
Two thumbs up and glad to own a bottle.
16th November 2014
Indubitably the opening is characterized by a delightful plum note,  which is counterbalanced by a touch of bergamot-related freshness and a woody undertone.   A wood note seems to be present throughout the scent's development, not a very sophisticated one but simply lending another layer of depth.  Equally, the plum notes lingers on for hours on my skin, but in in middle notes floral components are added, mainly jasmine and a soft, rounded patchouli.  In the base vanilla is present quite definitely, blending in nicely without being too dominant or too sweet on me.  
I get good silage and projection and six hours of longevity.  Great for spring. 

I was told in the Bond Street NYC flagship store that they could confirm this fragrance's discontinuation. 
20th June 2014
2 thumbs way up for this incredible, but hard to find discontinued fragrance.
9th June 2014
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