Andron for Women 
Jovan (1982)


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Andron for Women by Jovan

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Andron for Women is a women's perfume launched in 1982 by Jovan

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Reviews of Andron for Women by Jovan

There are 3 reviews of Andron for Women by Jovan.

I have a bottle of this that belonged to a previous partner. Very distinctive and strong, it still evokes memories of my teenage years so I keep it in a dark drawer just in case I need a nostalgia kick. I'd love to sample the mans version.

Why on Gods green earth would they discontinue such a wonderful cologne?? I not just imagining this. Before it was totally gone, they would offer it at the discount stores at Christmas time. I had a co worker walk by and I new immediately that she was wearing Andron. She told me she had bought it at Christmas and was milking it. This was suppose to send out your personal Pheromones or something like that, and it sure did work. This stuff was nothing like anything else. :-P to Jovan

I love Andron and I hate that it has been discontinued. I used to weare it all the time. I would receive lots of compliments from men and women when I would wear this. I love it! I want to find out where I could buy it.

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