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Jovan (1981)


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Andron for Men by Jovan

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Andron for men contained pheromone and was designed to attract the ladies. Whether it worked or not, we don't know. Sadly, no longer on the market, but occasionally pops up on e-bay.

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Reviews of Andron for Men by Jovan

There are 12 reviews of Andron for Men by Jovan.

Inarguably, an innovative scent using "Adrostenol" pheromone and a decent - though mysteriously listed - mix of notes.

I tested a bottle of Andron for Men as my fascination for colognes in general began to grow way back in the mid-1980's. As a teen, I tended to believe this potion to be a miracle, and just spraying it on my skin felt like a naughty act in itself! I didn't actually "test drive" Andron for Men among my female peers at school or elsewhere....for I was simply too afraid of what I would do if I DID get a positive reaction from one of the girls!! (I know I'm not alone on that front.)

There did seem to be something different about this cologne, and I simply accepted that it was the special "chemical" Jovan stuck in there that may or may not have worked on me. What I did get was a pleasant, oriental musky scent that seemed more suited for the "cooler" guys in my school and neighborhood. I'd just stick to using my endeared bottle of Coty Wild Musk, which had a sexy musky quality sans the Androstenol.

This was the cologne that drew my fascination for other pheromone-based scents that came on the scene (e.g. Realm for men, which came out 12 years after Andron).

I'll just cherish my memories of Andron rather than hunt for a bottle of the stuff for my collection!!

I've had Andron on my perfume radar for a ridiculously long time now and decided to break my long standing rule of 'no blind buying'. I always know exactly where it's going to end up if I blind buy and yep, once again, the good ol' gut is 100% correct. I just knew deep down that once I pissed my money away on this that Andron was going to be a total stinker.

Outside of that awesome looking flacon, I for the life of me cannot figure out what in the hell is the hype behind this extremely hard to get scent from Jovan! Nostalgia more then likely, I think I do though, for the most part. I 'will' tell you that the asking prices for this lazy perfume are absolutely absurd because what is delivered in correlation to the asking price is a joke.

To start, this really isn't a very pleasing smell overall to begin with, it's definitely overtly musky with tons of white musk which is the main note followed by a soft sandalwood accord and a tiny bit of patchouli. There's nearly nothing in the way of animalics like castoreum, or civet, or even lovely salty ambergris and if there are, they're being used in such tiny quantities as to only provide a very mild supporting base because I sure can't smell them. To my seasoned nose this composition consists of a drug store grade white musk, a low grade sandalwood and a teeny tiny bit of headshop patch which I'm using loosely and that's it, zero animalics, just a wall of cheap musk. Taking strongly into consideration this perfume's original asking price, I'm more then confident that there's next to no castoreum, civet 'or' ambergris in this as those essential oils are very expensive. I'm more then familiar with those notes in their natural isolated states so I know what I'm talking about here.

The overall 'odor' created is cheap, soapy and nothing that's even appealing to me in the least, I'm not even exaggerating one bit. This 'is' a drug store scent to begin with and not even a good one. Andron dries down to that 80's 'forever musk' that's harsh on the nose which trails forever even after numerous, vigorous scrubbings and that's about it. Powdery musk, a tad soapy and abrasive, mildly woody with a hint of aromatics. This is an incredibly boring and simplistic scent with virtually nil development that starts out as super strong laundry soapy white musk that dries down to a somewhat soft, non-descript 'woodiness' musky kind of blob, thing. Very difficult to describe due to it's strangeness and frankly, not that good smelling in the least. I've smelled a boat load of perfumes in my time and can't find anything even relatively close to compare this to so kudos for that fact alone. Man, I just can't even begin to describe this smell, it's just... odd, in a bad and off putting way. I want you to understand that I love musk, not this one though. For some reason I picture this scent on a sweaty fat dude that has greasy hair, stained up clothing and bad hygiene. I had this vivid and perfect picture formed in my head when I was smelling this.

My take is that this stuff is so hard to get and so way over the top hyped now due to it's rarity that it's just one of those perfumes that hardcore perfume heads have to have in their life. The pheremone marketing I think is where guys are after this stuff hardcore in the sense that it's going to help them with the grabbin' of the women, well, sorry to say but there's no scent in this world that's going to do that for you. You either got it or you don't. Funny thing, this stuff flies the coop as soon as it hits the auction block on eBay. In my personal observations of Andron, the one and only thing that this concoction has going for it is some nuclear strength and days long longevity.

The box that my 30ml splash flacon came in has a price tag sticker of $8.00 on it and that's right about the price point that Andron smells like, that's approximately the equivalent of a $30-40 scent nowadays and we all know what a $40 perfume smells like. This is officially my most disappointing blind buy ever that I'm extremely annoyed about. My final opinion? Andron is garbage. I cannot believe that I spent money on this crap that I find zero anything appealing about. The silver lining to this whole review though is that I put that mess right back on eBay and guess what, it sold in 1 day, not even kidding...

A fresh citrus and herbal note merge inoperable a light patchouli and a gentle white musk. Sandalwood is transient and weak on my skin, with castoreum and civet giving the base a firmer and edgier backbone. Overall a pleasant scent, but with very limited silage and projection. Longevity is around three hours. This scent is meant to attract, but after sniffing my wrist many times it did not look nicer to me. Maybe this effect is gender-specific.

I too had Andron when it came available on the shelves..I got many many compliments from complete strangers and women I dated. As of now Candies for men is the closest thing I have found. I also love California by Dana.. I found after it stayed on my skin it reminded me of my old long gone Andron.. Check out the Base notes in California for men, and you will agree the woodsy, musky scents are there.

This was the Best! Wish I had a few cases of this juice. I would love to know why it was discontinued. It got compliments galore and I loved the smell on me. Damn fine fragrance for the money. Alas, pleasures to experience no more, but sweet are the memories.

Sad this is a endangered scent. Andron was one of those colognes that stayed with you for a long time (and in memory to boot). I still have the empty bottle which I smell occasionally.I can only hope to find it at a flea market as I once did in 1997. but since never again.

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