Ananda Tchaï 
Micallef (2017)

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The top notes pretty much blend right in with the middles notes, after an initial spray or two. The citrus is sweetened by them, all the top and middle notes. So far, I am liking this Micallef. It is like a super-sweetened, citrus drink, a lemonade type thing. Green tea and thyme add an undercurrent of herbal gentleness. The flowers are powdery and very feminine. Heliotrope is especially strong. There are subtle spices lurking about.
This, becomes even sweeter and sweeter. But, I don't feel it is sickly. There is an almond-like vibe from the nutmeg and heliotrope combo, which is quite lovely. The ylang ylang almost seems buttery. Later, this begins to remind me of candy cigarettes.

The whole thing eventually turns into a vanilla and amber bomb. Still, very sweet. The base is rather predictable, though I adore amber accords so, this is a big thumbs up for me.
Oct 9, 2019

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