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Reviews of Amyitis by Mona di Orio

To top notes are pleasant, with a mildly herbal undertone combined with a floral component that soon undergoes a metamorphosis into a violet-dominated floral heart note. At times transient waxiness is present, by only mildly and not in a disturbing fashion. I get whiffs of a woodsy impression that towards the end settles into a base with a soft and smooth mossy and earthy core, with light musky and slightly sweetish components coming and going.

The performance is good, with moderate sillage, good projection and a very good eight hours of longevity on my skin.

Nice in spring, nothing special but solid. Very good performance, worthy of a positive score, albeit just. 3/5
Dec 11, 2015

Smells like warm fresh plastics. Child toys. Transformers that have been left on the heating maybe?
Nov 26, 2009

I wanted to like this from the note description but when I had the chance to sample this, my mental predisposition was not spot on. If you try hard, you can detect a hint of green notes in the beginings of this linear scent. The green notes quickly get smothered out by a dominating factor that reminds me of aged wax. Thats right. If you have ever come across a wax candle that has been sitting around for the past decade and has collected a little dust on it, this is what Amyitis smells like. Unfortunately, this note persists from start to finish. I am inclined to blame it on the caroway and the loads of moss. Perhaps the amber gives it a tinge of dustiness. You might also relate Amyitis with the smell of a dirty cashmere musk. I had to wash this off my wrist as it started to make me feel ill. If you want to smell like you are in a wax museum, go for it. Otherwise, stay far away! My rating is 0/10. I just can't find anything positive about it.
Apr 10, 2008

Well, well, well. This is gorgeous stuff. The notes were so well blended that I literally cannot describe it as anything other than bring creamy and having a a light woody fragrance. Amyitis was exquisite and long lasting. As of hour 5, it was still there (in a good way) and was like having a light cashmere blanket on my wrist.I think this would be perfect to wear in the Fall on a Sunday afternoon, just as the leaves begin to turn and there is a new crispness in the air.
Apr 4, 2008

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