Gallivant (2017)

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Cosy and original.  A floral, spicy, woody, ambery fragrance. 

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Reviews of Amsterdam by Gallivant

There are 2 reviews of Amsterdam by Gallivant.

So far, so good from this label, which manages to pull off scents that are not only of good quality but also artistically satisfying, composed skilfully, and have a coherence with their itinerant theme.

Amsterdam is for the most part a floral backed up by a musky, woody base. The opening is rather synthetic, but not in an unpleasant, screechy way, and has some of the Escentric Molecules feel to it. Of course, you can't have Amsterdam without tulips, and there is a fresh tulip note which lasts throughout. If anything, you might say that there is too much an emphasis here, really ram-rodding that point home - we're in Holland folks - but it's not a problem to my nose. Wood and musk weave in and out as companion notes.

A very satisfying scent that won't suit everyone, I am sure, but I got something out of it.
Nov 14, 2020

For me, Gallivant Amsterdam is, most of all, resinous, followed by floral and spicy accords that accent the amber at the center. Sichuan pepper, saffron, rose, cedar, sandalwood, and musk all round out the experience, the pepper and saffron unsurprisingly taking lead. It hits the sweet spot between sweet and spicy, fresh and dense, summer and winter. A year-round winner, for sure. Undoubtedly it'll strike some as odd, but for those that have smelled niche stuff, this will feel familiar, not too daring, but pushing the envelope just enough to be interesting..

Amsterdam's performance is good, on par with most of the line and perhaps even slightly better than most, more suited for cold weather with a certain density, though not the density I'm accustomed to experiencing in amber-centric fragrances.

I quite like this one--still going with Berlin as my favorite, by Amsterdam is another solid offering from this line that merits smelling.

7 out of 10
Jul 5, 2018

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