Amour de Cacao fragrance notes

  • Head

    • orange zest
  • Heart

    • cocoa bean, starfruit
  • Base

    • vanilla pod

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The opening is a little fruity with plenty of dusty cocoa. As you get into the drydown, vanilla is equal to if not more powerful than the cocoa. A pleasant gourmand for sure but nothing I would call seductive.

Projection is decent with it becoming a skin scent about 5 hours in, lasting until 7-8 hours later.
25th March 2019
Yum! I'm pretty sure this is what it would smell like if Serendipitous got it on with Montale Chocolate Greedy and they had a lovechild. Not as sweet as Serendipitous, not as smoky as Chocolate Greedy, and different enough that I will probably end up getting a full bottle at some stage, to add to my stable of chocolate scents. It's got a nice toasted coconut edge to it too, even though coconut isn't listed in the notes. I keep getting delicious wafts of this, and that's just from a small dab on my arm from the sample bottle, which I put on over five hours ago. Actually, there's no probably about it. This is a definite buy. Delicious!
22nd October 2016

I should declare from the outset that the gourmand is not normally a genre of fragrance that I find especially attractive. However, there is something to be said for the chilly, chocolate and vanilla ice cream effect that has been created. It also narrowly avoids toppling over into excess, as in time this could easily have become cloying and annoying.

I may well come back to Amour De Cacao and learn how to appreciate the self-indulgence.
28th January 2013
I own Serendipitous but actually prefer this - it's more cocoa less candy floss than Serendipitous. A straightforward chocolate gourmand. Does what it says on the tin.
4th October 2012
A comforting and yummy scent to be worn exclusively for your pleasure lain on the sofà after the bath in the wintery evenings. Delicious chocolate, milky almond, orange peels and flowers. Simplistic and edible. Not a baroque work of olfactory craftsmanship for sure but a pleasant juice anyway.
12th May 2012
The opening has a fantastic creamy chocolate, "Tootsie Roll" - like, as somebody mentioned. The problem is, it has a sourness mixed with the chocolate opening. It makes it interesting, it's kind of like a sour toffee note. But, at the same time, it also make my head hurt, and my stomach churn a little. It's the sourness that ruins it. Reminds me of a Hershey's chocolate bar, with crumbled up Dorito's chips sprinkled on top of it.. don't ask. Fortunately, once it dries down, the vanilla note comes in, the sour accord goes away, and it remains a sweet chocolaty/vanilla gourmand for hours to come. Lasts all day.
25th February 2011
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