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Amorosa by Ruth Mastenbroek

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Ruth Mastenbroek
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Amorosa is a women's perfume launched in 2012 by Ruth Mastenbroek

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Reviews of Amorosa by Ruth Mastenbroek

There are 1 reviews of Amorosa by Ruth Mastenbroek.

Maybe I'm turning into a cynic as I get older but I feared this would be a bit Dolorosa. Not so! A va-va-voom white floral that is classy and well-rounded, I think Mastenbroek pulled something rather special out of the hat with this one – well, for the first half at any rate.
Amorosa's core pairing to my nose is tiare and tuberose – all the creamy, buttery, coconutty embellishments of those blooms are evident, but without overpowering. It's sensual, heavy-lidded, dozy in a ‘come stroke me' way. Around it lurk a sprightly green-tinged jasmine and a refreshing hint of watermelon at the start – of this latter I would have loved a bit more.
A rich floral it may be, but it has a soft and gracious step, and it throws open a window on a garden of heady blooms rather than locking you in a stuffy room with a huge bouquet (which tends to be the usual failing of white florals). Flattens out a bit in the second half, but just one spritz refreshes it again.

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