Reviews of Amor pour Homme by Cacharel

Amor pour Homme - Cacharel
Some Drakkar Noir, some Caractère but brings nothing by itself. An aquatic spiced-woody scent thats just an insult to perfumery.
10th July 2019
Forgettable headache that's not unique at all. Had a 30ml of it and didn't need it again. It pretty much plagiarizes Chanel Allure sport or w/e it is...but it doesn't smell gross.
20th June 2016

AMOR PH is an exciting woody scent.It is not so sweet yet sweet,not so subtle,yet subtle, not so strong yet good scent that combines aromatic spices, hint of sweet floral (rose)citrus plus the richness of soft woods and warm amber. crisp,woody, appealing,youngish,fresh, sensual,and masculine

It opens with citrus and tea accords that transition to a romantic and sweet heart of fragrant cardamom and fresh rose. the woodsy base evokes an exploding masculinity and warmth by vetiver,tonka bean and benzion that totally are rich but never heavy.the scent is nice but not as lovely as female AMOR AMOR for me.

This EDT is perfect for everyday use and also a nice Intimate fragrance that is shared when someone is in your space. suitable for any time of year and elegant for a young man. anyway if you are looking for a cute and fresh but not a unique woody-spicy you can wear it.
2nd June 2015
I rather like this fragrance, so much so that I'm keen to wear it myself.

When I first sprayed Amor pour Homme it reminded me of my Mother's Italian cooking spices, it had a very herbaceous quality. The more it settled, I could sense the element of freshness and sweet masculinity.

At times this fragrance oozes a clean soapiness which is highlighted by some juicy citrus and rich spices. Although very masculine, I can't help enjoying this fragrance on my skin. It's such an unexpected surprise.

Once this fragrance reaches the drydown, I could smell this absolutely delicious blend of thick resins, smokey woods and exotic spices. I am so very impressed with Cacharel for composing one hell of a male fragrance.

It seems that the female equivalent, Amor Amor has gained much more notoriety than Amor pour Homme, which is a shame because they are both great scents that should be equal. I rarely see this fragrance in the stores, and I only managed to find this fragrance by stealing a sample which had been hidden behind a price list sign.
4th April 2012
not even good for your toilette, I got it as a present, now used it in my toilette, what a mistake, I can't even sit in my toilette now.

22nd December 2010
Notes: rose, "purple wood", vetiver
Ghastly stuff. Sweet, completely generic. I've smelled clones of this dozens of times.
Obnoxiously synthetic.
The rose and vetiver are missing in action.
On the other hand, this is the most ACCURATE rendition of purple wood I've EVER come across. :-(
"Igor, come to the laboratory and see what I've cooked up today..."
"Yes, master..."
An Avon catalogue reject.
18th December 2010
I have a housemate who wears this and I'm working up to telling him to ditch the stuff. Amor pour Homme is a hastily thrown together mixup of cheap soapy rubbish which quickly gives way to dreadful fumes of synthetic woody amber. A harsh, crass blend without a trace of nuance, it isn't even exceptional: it's patronisingly generic. I can only assume it is sustained by men making a perfunctory effort to smell good, not realising they would do better not to bother. Avoid. *
18th January 2010
i don't agree with many people here : since first time the emplee sprayed it i felt in love with AMOR pour homme, A KIND OF FrESH MIx OF CITRous and sweet notes, i do found the famous rose note, in a twisted way, had very compliments with it and i tried the new AMOR TENTATION, EVEN BETTER!!!
21st September 2008
Tea for Two served in a lead cup. Dare you drink the tea from the lead cup and get ill or get a new cup and risk losing your tea? Well, no matter, the tea in this turns out bitter orange grown in a lab. Very synthetic which I mean to say ugly and tinny. Develops later into a sandalwood and amber drydown.
1st July 2008
Amor Pour Homme strikes me as urban in nature and delivery. The pyramid says citrus and tea, and I get those but the accord has a slight metallic tinge to it. I rather like it – it's a bit sharp and it has and attractiveness about it. I don't get much spice, just tea, citrus, and a bit of metal in a nonaggressive accord. The mid notes don't offer me any spice either, and no rose–I get green in the middle level but nothing floral. Up to this point, the scent is pretty linear: tea, fern, and metal… It's enjoyable in an abstract urban way. The base brings on a refined vetiver note along with some sweeteners–probably tonka; I don't get a rosewood note and I find the whole base accord mostly generic anonymity and quite light. There's not a lot to intrigue me about this fragrance: It's not very interesting, but it's an acceptably good scent. It's nicely assembled, and it doesn't strike me as particularly synthetic until the end of the drydown when the metallic note becomes too pronounced; but even this is not unpleasant. Amor Pour Homme is substantially linear and it doesn't last very long. I don't understand the name, because it doesn't seem sensual or romantic. I think that it would work best as a day scent. (Edit of 16 October 2007 review.)
16th October 2007
Edit 4-26-2012

What was I thinking.
This scent is rather harsh and on my skin it works a bit weird, after a while it smells like body odour...I am not kidding.
This is one of many fragrances I no longer like.

My earlier review:
I do not detect any rose note in this fragrance, but do I care?

Scentemental wrote an eloquent review and obviously his nose is much better than mine, but I really like this fragrance very much.

"In its contemporaneity *Amor Pour Homme*, and Cacharel itself, assumes that those who will buy this fragrance will probably have never tried *Cacharel Pour L'Homme* nor will really want to."

I actually tried the original, owned a bottle in the 80's and loved it, because it wasn't that outspoken, cloying and powerful as other 80's fougeres (Drakkar noir, Polo, Paco Rabane, Trophee Lancome and even Lacoste original)

To my nose Amor is a very 'neutral' and extremely ordinary fougere.
It isn't innovative, doesn't smell different and is easily to dismiss as a generic, boring scent.
But I simply cannot come up with one fragrance that smells like this one.
I feel this fragrance, of all the fougere-like fragrances I tried, is the ultimate average, it seems to strive for an average of all good things.
Amor smells pretty timeless, whereas the original Cacharel Pour Homme is easily recognized as an 80's fragrance.

I want to make an analogy.
Some audiophiles have a certain auditioning rule: if the hifi-set audiotioned in the store doesn't sound that special, if it doesn't really stand out, it most likely will be the best choice.
The hifi components that did sound spectacular at first may irritate, cause listening fatigue when living with it for a longer period.

Not a strong analogy I guess, but what I am trying to say is that when I'm wearing a fragrance for a longer period the balance must be right, I have to feel at ease with it and not get annoyed by a certain distinctive note that is claiming its attention.

To me Amor is a great every day fragrance, nothing more and nothing less.

4th June 2007
This is not bad, and it isn't goo either, it is more weird that anything. I read about the rose and it became clear that it is the source of weirdness with this frag. It isn't a must have for the collection. It last quite well. This should be unisex.
11th May 2007
Walking with one of my twin daughters on a department store I found several advertisements about a recent release of Amor pour Homme on that place. I read about it 3 months ago that it was one of the first masculine fragrances using roses... so I decided to try how it was.Testing it on paper, the top notes I felt was citrics, not in a fresh way, for a while... then middle notes of fouguere and green appeared and stayed. Didn't felt the rose notes nor vanilla or tonka like notes.The result is very classic, so much for my taste. There's a note (the assistant who sprayed it said it was vetiver) that gives me the idea of seeing a 40+ years old man, dressed in an old fashioned sport style (brown polo shirt, white pants, white cordless shoes). I should preferred something different, more animal or sensual (and not so average) to deserve the title "Amor".As a green, fouguere fragrance, it's suitable for all seasons except winter, for daytime use (for evening events I should preferred something stronger and I didn't dare to bore my wife with it at a romantic event). The fouguere notes raises the range of age to something upper 35 years old.
30th October 2006
Been there. Done that. Not very impressed.benb
29th August 2006
21st August 2006
It's a non original subtle green/floral fragrance in the same line of Versace Jeans Couture, Joop Rococo and 212. It's not bad, just too common.
21st June 2006