Amethyst Fatale fragrance notes

    • iris, rose, amber

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This Frangrance owns up to it's name Amethyst Fatale. with lucious Plums & Vanilla. makes this perfume worth while. Purple satin sheets over the walls floors and a round bed AmethystCrystals hanging around the room Purple Lights Shines allover. A Woman wearing a Crushed Plum Colored blackless shelf dresswith pale skin long black hair dark mauve lips long Dark plum nails with grey eyes and a Darkly handsome man tallSlides his hand over her bare back and she tilts her head back in Exstacy and lie gentily on the bed. The Ultimate Femme Fatale. Frangrance
14th October 2010
Purple-smelling boudoir scent.. soft but deep, l'heure purple. Verrry similar composition to me, but not as heavy & somber as LHB can be, a touch different flavor.. I like this much better. More mellow than most iris/rose combo's out there, not so bright. In flavor it reminds me of Anna Sui, but not as sweet. Richer & smoother w/ the nice amber. I like its mix of classic romantic feel w/ a little modern feel. Nice sillage too.
20th August 2008