America for Men 
Perry Ellis (1996)

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This scent was made for the America Jeans line of Perry Ellis. Geared towards the young and all Amercian Life the scent is made of all fragrance notes found in North America.[Sc]

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Reviews of America for Men by Perry Ellis

Feels like a take on CK Eternity. Very 90’s. Not to be confused with the new America from Perry Ellis which is an Aventus clone. This is nothing like that.

To me, it's synthetic and cloying even with minimal sprays. Feels cheap.

Projection is solid and it lasts for about 3-4 hours before settling to a much more pleasant skin scent that lasts for many more hours.
Sep 6, 2020

It's ok very fresh wish it last longer.
Jun 10, 2019

Some say Eternity, others say Tommy, I say Polo Sport. It does resemble them all, but really, this is it's own fragrance. Very clean sporty frag, perfect for office and year-round use too. As far as cheapies go, this is very hard to beat. Thumbs up for being a jack of all trades and good at most.
Aug 22, 2012

Original review from 2012
A very fruity, very inoffensive daytime fragrance. Strictly superior to Tommy; I find comparisons warranted but complimentary, as America really shines by way of comparison. This is a very youthful fragrance. Perfect for teens. The 25 and up crowd might want to take a pass on this one as it lacks any semblance of sophistication. Still, a pleasant and priced to own spring fragrance.


Edit 3/13/13: Having retried this fragrance for the first time in years, I dare say I have outgrown it to the point of actually finding it quite unpleasant. Really exceptionally cloying on a hot day and the longevity is inconsistent on my skin (and I have average skin; not too dry or oily).

I would now rate this a 4/10. Even though it is very inexpensive, you are better off putting your money towards something better. I'd rather have two or three very good bottles of cologne than 10 not so good ones.
Jan 26, 2012

Sweet and fruity top notes that mellow (dry down?) to odd synthetic woodsy/leathery scent. Distinct chemical scent that lasts during wear. Reminds me of those cardboard air freshner trees for your car! Fortunately, it dissipates to nothing in about 4 or 5 hours.
Oct 26, 2011

Similar (and better in my opinion) to CK Eternity. It lasts more and smells "cleaner". The Pineapple note is very proeminent.
Feb 7, 2011

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