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Sultan Pasha (2014)

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Âme Sombre G1 by Sultan Pasha

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Âme Sombre G1 is a shared scent launched in 2014 by Sultan Pasha

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Reviews of Âme Sombre G1 by Sultan Pasha

There are 8 reviews of Âme Sombre G1 by Sultan Pasha.

As all of the Sultans creations - awesome quality , blending and structure...hard to zero in on notes because of how well they blend... this composition in particular paints a picture in my mind...country cottage with all wood including the furniture...the smell of incense and beeswax candles mixing with the smell drifting in from the rose garden outside the window...opens with sledgehammer intensity and within a couple of hours mellows out...well done and highly enjoyable...somewhat gothic and dark , but i love that about it...

After application to my skin I got a intense blast of medicinal Oud and it was full on hospital band-aid with the disinfectant smell which caught me off guard. But before I could regroup and gather my senses I was assaulted by the most intense overwhelming Frankincense accord. lol.. With this knock out Incense blast was some rose and a hint of saffron

At this point I was surrounded in a super potent Frankincense accord that I could have got a job as a Exorcist: " The power of my scent compels you devil, leave this innocent and back to hell with you." lol

The quality was exceptional I could smell the lemony part of the Frankincense and it even overwhelmed the medicinal aspect, the poor rose was drowning in church incense. Then suddenly and dramatically after two hours the scent just died and became a skin scent, I got a few whispers of tobacco but the scent was basically gone.

So all in all I enjoyed the artistic experience with this one and had fun experiencing the Incense but it was just too overwhelming and short lived for my tastes to wear as a personal fragrance.

Ame Sombre is an absolutely amazing fragrance centered around the use of a rich, heady frankincense, a voluptuous, ripe and juicy (but simultaneously hidden and mysterious) rose, a thick, chewy hyrax, a sweeter, less peppery cumin than I'm used to, benzoin-honeyed, raw pipe-tobacco, earthy, creamy saffron tinged patchouli, and a majestically ambered, leathery labdanum.

The composition is heady, thick, chewy, musky as hell, smoky, and yet, juicy, rich, slightly sweet, almost edible at points and reveals the amazing care Sultan Pasha takes when tending to the fragrances of his that have a strong dichotomy at their core - for Ame Sombre is one of those fragrances that doesn't allow muddied or drowned qualities to overtake the nuanced play at work between the total form of the composition - It's absolutely a dense affair, don't get me wrong, but it's the difference between the solid and calcified remains of lava, and the molten flames themselves - neither completely consuming the other, and with a clear referential link guiding one from the lava to the solid form it later becomes.

A lot of the notes here almost turn this dark, spicy, balsamic affair towards something edible at the edges - for it has a lot of qualities which sing to the financially exotic affairs of the rich and the famous. What's more, the ambergris is absolutely present here, and undulates betwixt adding a salty touch to the spiced, and smoky tones carrying a majority of the fragrance, and other times still adding to the warm, sweet and ambered qualities that seem to bellow underneath the waves of dense, dark smoke, musk, spices and woods that run overtop each other, as if waves of syrupy resin cascading atop each other, one after another.

There is in fact a quiet jasmine note that begins to appear as the fragrance itself dries down, which joins with the patchouli to accentuate the leathery qualities which seem to be coming from the labdanum, as well as the tobacco which emerges through the thicker animallic qualities and more prominently atop a bed of resins. While the musk seems to persist here, it's more at the background of the composition than directly at the forefront. Absolutely one of the very best "dark scents" of all time, and one which, to me, is the true elixir that houses like Amouage boast as being contained within their line, but whose works fall short when stood next to Ame Sombre.

Holy shit.

YT: Jess AndWesH

The opening rose otto with jagged peaks of saffron takes off and soars. The radiance and lightness of rose otto with the sharp edge that saffron imparts is a striking opening. A light undercurrent of frankincense adds thickness to the rose scent, jasmin adds to the lyrical lightness in the heart. All of this dancing song of rose and saffron is underwritten by very dry negative space of woods with labdanum, hyrax, tobacco and vanilla that is very soft and dry as to almost escape notice during the first hours, but later this soft mellow base takes center stage and becomes the scent with the rose saffron still in background as a distant memory. This is a very fine, composed evolving perfume with a nice balance of opposing directions that begins sharply with soaring rose and soon becomes a comfortable nest of dry musky leaf and woods. Rating: 8.5/10.

I believe the name translates to "Dark Soul."

This is obviously incredibly rich, being an attar concentration, and my first reaction is that this is what I imagined the ancient Egyptian scent of Kyphre would smell like.

The note tree of 18 oils and resins is bottom heavy in the base with eleven elements, as follows:

Top: Rose, Frankincense, Saffron (3)

Middle: Amber, Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine, Honey (4)

Base: Beeswax, Tobacco, Patchouli, Benzion, Vetiver, Juniper, Hyrax,
White Amber, Cedar, Cumin, Oud (11)

I associate my first impression with a blending of warm, freshly cut cedar, pungent tobacco leaf, creamy amber, and caramelized maple sugar (the honey and beeswax, no doubt). The use of two roses and jasmine should, I would think, stand out as a floral center, but my nose cannot detect these notes.

I thought I detected a bit of civet on the applicator, but it would seem that this was merely an impression. I am unfamiliar with hyrax and wonder if there was a typo in my note tree source and styrax was meant.

I find it ultimately to be pretty linear, the first impression above being one that continues throughout the dry down. It is quite beautiful, very powerful (one dab on the wrist projects into the room), and although quite costly for a 3 ml. bottle, it is probably cost efficient given its intensity.

Highly recommended for anyone into the oriental genre. I look forward to experiencing more from this house.

I had heard that Âme sombre was the perfume of perfumes.I now believe it,carefull not to put too much for it is very potent.i am new to the world of hi end fragrances (3 months) i learn fast.This Attar changes like a cameleon slowly and always pleasing .very attractive scent

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