Ambrette 9 fragrance notes

    • ambrette seed, pear, apple, floral notes

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This fragrance offers a subtle Musk note with a delicate hint of sweetness. However, its longevity and projection are quite limited, resulting in a fragrance that doesn't leave a lasting impression or create a strong presence in the air.
26th June 2023
Another one from Le Labo that is sensitive to skin chemistry and prone to anosmicity. On the 'right' person it is pure magic.
It is pear to the nth degree, sweet, sometimes sparkling yet gentle.
Simultaneously innocent and naughty as Proust-Madeline noted, is spot on.
11th June 2022

Smells like nothing. A fresh nothing, but nothing nonetheless.
23rd September 2021
Perfectly nice fragrance. Light with a very pronounced pear notes supported by white florals and warmish musks. Would be great in summer. I'm glad I tried it but I prefer something with more of a twist.
12th February 2020
Incredibly sexy smelling on the right person. Musky and delicate, innocent and naughty at the same time. I don't know if it's my lady's skin chemistry but NOTHING smells as good as this on her. Not Shalimar, not AE or White Linen. Not niche scents. Not classics.

I'm not sure if different people perceive different aspects or if this turns sour on some people's skin.

But damn, this is a 10/10 under the right circumstances. Good one, le Labo.
2nd August 2019
You're a sharp pear, pressed, juiced, diluted with sweet and sweaty breast milk, and then fed to a baby. Your existence is brief, lukewarm, and unremarkable. Ambrette 9 by Le Labo.
25th February 2018
Not an unqualified success, it is light and delicate. I'm not sure I understand the brief I read about wanting to reproduce the mild milky mother and baby smell. Not getting that myself, there is a touch of very clean baby shampoo/powder smell with a grassy undertone of faint baby sick and perhaps poo? But not as disgusting as that reads. It does smell of clean warm bodies. It doesn't have a synthetic vibe and for such a mild and light scent it lasts amazingly well. It blooms in summer with warmth and possibly sweat into a post workout just showered feeling.
23rd August 2017
I can't say I see much merit in Le Labo Ambrette 9 at all. The opening is an acerbic mix of alcohol and rotten fruit, and it dries down to a gentler, sweeter version of the opening. I'd just as well wear no fragrance at all as opposed to something like this at a niche cost. It's not repulsive, just bizarre and underwhelming from both the standpoints of performance and scent, almost to the point that I'd guess I'd received a bad sample if it weren't an official Le Labo sample. Not much else to say apart from recommending against a blind buy.

4 out of 10
20th April 2016
Ambrette by Le Labo is a cute and graceful scented thingy gently and carelessly revolving around amber, musk, ambrettolide, ambroxan, with something fruity on top and a pleasant anisic-floral breeze providing a watercolour silky touch all over. Cozy, sweet, lively, as much pleasant as completely unsubstantial to me, as it basically smells like the drydown of a whatever floral-fruity feminine scent from the late Nineties. Feeble, nerveless, and short lived. Meh...

22nd January 2015
No perceptible odor whatsoever. Am I anosmic, or is this an expensive joke?
9th June 2014
A Le Labo with a name containing -ette and no.9? I was expecting something simple, light with ambrette and maybe a touch of amber. What I got was an extremely light scent with ambrette and a whiff of a very light amber with a touch of citrus, with aldehydes. Extremely close to my skin, neither any significant silage nor projection, and two hours of longevity. Not bad, but not enough, I am afraid, of nearly everything that matters.
20th January 2014
Fruity musk. Ambrette 9 is a thin and synthetic concoction of slightly acidic, sort of fresh, fruit and musks. The fragrance is so subtle that initially I couldn't detect anything but a light (non-sweet) fruityness but as it started to react with the skin, synthetic musks made their presence clearer turning Ambrette 9 into a transparent, inoffensive but overall pleasant "clean-fragrance" Nice but unremarkable.

Lovers of the "Jardins" serie by Hermes should dig this.
2nd January 2012