Ambre Tabac fragrance notes

  • Head

    • african incense, bergamot
  • Heart

    • sandalwood, patchouli
  • Base

    • tobacco leaf, vanilla, amber

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Latest Reviews of Ambre Tabac

To my (humble) nose, in the opening almond or more specifically frangipanne has the main stage, together with a hint of sour-sweet cherry. The focus on frangipanne slowly shifts towards amber to finally settle with the cherry as main accord. (During the amber-stage it reminded me a little bit of Ambre Nuit by Dior.) Personally, I don't get any tobacco, not in the green-leaf scent nor in the smokey sense, it is not heavy on the vanilla either and not really gourmandish.

Crafmanswise in my opinion quite decent, but to my taste no particularly interesting (but I have to admit that cherries have a kind of sharpness that I don't really like). Quite good longevity and decent sillage. I think it is more appropriate for a middle-aged person.
18th February 2023
Another win from this fantastic and underrated house.

Ambre Tabac opens with an in your face sweet and gourmand amber note, accompanied by some incense in the background. It sort of smells like Ambre Nargulie, but not as sweet and also not as many spices. This also contains a fantastic transparent oud note in the background that brings it all together. The dry down is delicious too. Sadly, the tobacco is not as authentic as I'd like, certainly not something I would put in the name of the fragrance, as amber, incense, and vanilla dominate this one.

I think it's also pretty similar to 24 Gold. I may even side by side test one on each arm to see if this is really bottle worthy or not for me, and my beyond maximum capacity collection right now. It's a tough one. For somebody else with a smaller collection, in need of a good amber, you can't go wrong here!
8th April 2021

Daniel Josier created a masterpiece of an amber/tobacco together.I dare you to find another perfume like this A++
16th October 2020
Absolute masterpiece. This is a really nice amber and tobacco scent (hence the name) that smells like resinous apple pie with cinnamon and a root-beer style boozy amber. It's so beautiful and has insane sillage and longevity (more than any fragrance I've ever tried). I also get a really boozy and non-cloying vanilla scent which is really similar to Replica Jazz Club. The sweet tobacco with amber combined make a sort of scent approximation to chocolate mixed with cherry (a note I detect that's not listed in the note breakdown). I didn't think I would enjoy this as much as I do since I'm not usually a heavy winter scent affectionado, but I really like this. It is totally unisex as well. Sillage is strong while longevity is also very strong. This is a nice alternative to Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille or Amber Absolute. It just smells really good. It resembles Hermes Ambre Narguile but in my opinion is far, far better than it due to the boozy notes in this and the improved longevity and projection, and in fact Daniel Josier was a student of the perfumer behind Ambre Narguile (Jean-Claude Ellena).

17th May 2018
My first try from Daniel Josier, Ambre Tabac is, as the name suggests, primarily a blend of tobacco and amber.

It also involves a vanilla acord that's familiar to most anyone who knows and loves the popular "sweet tobacco" category of fragrances, as I call it. Incense and sandalwood provide further character for this blend. Overall, it's a little spicier in the opening and a little creamier and calmer in the dry down, as one might expect, but it's a reasonably consistent fragrance throughout.

It performs well and is sweet and creamy, as it seems the animalic side of amber does not come out too much in this blend. However, Ambre Tabac reminds me of a couple of noteworthy honeyed tobacco fragrances, specifically, Back to Black By Kilian and Herod by Parfums De Marley, comparisons mostly intended to be complimentary, and while these comparisons don't seem to be commonplace within the online fragcomm, I nonetheless detect the slight redundancy on my skin.

That said, it's an outstanding fragrance, in a similar vein to the abovementioned fragrances, and at a fair price point for strong, niche-quality juice, at $175 for 100ml on the website.

8 out of 10
30th January 2018