Ambre & Santal 
L'Occitane (2013)

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Ambre & Santal by L'Occitane

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Ambre & Santal is a shared scent launched in 2013 by L'Occitane

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Reviews of Ambre & Santal by L'Occitane

There are 8 reviews of Ambre & Santal by L'Occitane.

I'm not a huge amber fan, but do own a few heavy amber fragrances. Ambre & Santal is my favorite amber that I own because it is a very good balance between sweet & spicy and it isn't very "dirty" smelling like some ambers. During drydown a sweetish, creamy sandalwood dominates which I really enjoy. I get pretty good longevity out of this one - 8 or 9 hours. A definite thumbs up.

This is an excellent scent for Amber lovers of which I count myself as one.
However I will probably sell my bottle after only 2 wearings.
Why? It just has no longevity. And even though I prefer it to Lubin's Amber offering, it disappoints every time by pulling a disappearing act.
My advice is to save up a little bit more and go for Serge Luten's Ambre Sultan.

Beautiful. The right balance between sweetness and spiciness. Very good sillage and longevity.

Amber lovers should definitely give this a try.

Sampled after reading the positive reviews. Ambre & Santal is an interesting fragrance that reminded me of a section of a bazaar I visted while in Turkey that sold incense and aromatic candles. It's a very soft, exotic scent, that lacks the stringent or pungent notes common to most oriental fragrances. It's the type of scent you would expect from an oriental powder. That said, A&S is IMO an entirely feminine fragrance and I couldn't see me wearing it in any situation. Nice, elegant, but not to my tastes.

A great amber-powdery woods accord which doesn't fail in comparison with more renowned and expensive amber "recipes". By soon bright, translucent and deliciously talky-figgy L'Occitane Ambre&Santal performs well for daily and night time with the support of balsams, musks, refined sparkling/aromatic opening bergamot and neutral floral patterns. Along the dry down the (yet present) typical talky animalic amber vibe slightly recedes and sandalwood jumps on the stage supported by a subtle rosey spark. A more than decent "royal" aroma (with a traditional recipe- amber/bergamot/rose) in which the synthetic side remains under control and with a surprising level of texture and subtleness. Recommended.

Very beautiful and exotic.

Very Middle Eastern and seductive,..

a nicely done perfume!

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