Ambre Précieux 
Maître Parfumeur et Gantier (1988)

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Ambre Précieux by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

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Ambre Précieux is a men's fragrance launched in 1988 by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

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Reviews of Ambre Précieux by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

There are 60 reviews of Ambre Précieux by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier.

Considered one of the standard-bearers of amber fragrance, MPG Ambre Precieux is dry, powdery, intoxicating creation with less of a labdanum-heavy amber accord, trading it for tolu balsam and peru balsam.

Tolu balsam, from the Myroxylon balsamum tree, is a balsamic resin with cinnamic, somewhat floral character, used to great effect in the classic Estee Lauder Cinnabar, for which there are similarities between it and AP. In the same family of trees, Myroxylon balsamum is the tree from which Peru Balsam is derived, and while Tolu is more cinnamic, is more an earthy, rich, vanillic resin, ever tenacious and deep. With both combined, an amber of epic proportions results here.

It opens with bergamot, lavender, and what seems to be myrtle (a somewhat camphoraceous, herbal, floral scent) and it's quite the fanfare with the vanilla and myrrh undertow soon approaching. Myrrh and vanilla counterpoint each other quite wonderfully: an ebb and flow of bitter and sweet. This is classical amber, and would appeal to those who gravitate to perfume with classical sensibility. It is at once opulent as it comfy and nuzzle-worthy. A plush and winsome delight that I am fortunate to have in my possession.

This is my favorite cologne so far.

It is rich, warm, sensual, cozy amber. There's a tiny bite of floral lavender, a wee bit of incense from the myrrh, very mild spices - but the absolute star of the show here is the amber. To me this is an absolute masterpiece.

When first applied, it is sweet and only very slightly floral. Almost immediately, it becomes slightly spicy and gourmand from the nutmeg note, and the amber begins to blossom.

The drydown is exquisite - rich and creamy and delicious. If someone hugs you while you are wearing this, they will not let you go.

Finally, it settles into a delirious amber haze, powdery, hints of baby powder but not at all medicinal or unpleasant. And this stays on my skin all day. I have smelled it on myself the next day, even after a shower. It's got staying power.

And with a scent this dreamy, that's a good thing. This is the fragrance that has set my personal bar for all amber scents going forward, and really all scents in general.

A masterpiece. I only wish I could afford a full bottle on a regular basis. It would absolutely be my signature scent.

Ambre Precieux is a sultry cabaret singer with a deep voice setting on the piano with her red sequin gown,high slit,and even redder lipstick,looking something like Rita Hayworth or Anita doubt there are many good amber fragrance in the market,but this can be considered an amber reference to be comparable with any other by the high level of expensive and complexity in implementation.I am a wary of ambers that can get too sweet or too gourmandish,but i love ones that are more balsamic an smokey or herbal,like Ambre Sultan,Ambre Aurea,Ambre Fétiche, etc.and this definitely seems closer to those types although a bit more vanilla-y.

It is cozy,comfortable,easy to wear,but still spicy and elegant and not super sweet.i love the spicy nutmeg and lavender opening as well it has that herbal/spiciness to it.this is amber wrapped in vanilla.there are lots of vanilla,myrrh and tolu balsam in the background.but still the main player is amber.the amber here is very cuddly and warm.there also is almost a powdery effect to this fragrance,but it is more of a hint rather than the wallop many powder accords amber fragrance for people who find them too heavy or cloying-the amber here is more of a concept.absolutely delicious.

Amber is one of my favorite flavors of fragrance and this one is up there among my soon as it opens there is no doubt that this is an amber it starts out the lavender does give it a slightly barbershop feel, but to me, this quickly goes away...a ton of adjectives can be used to describe this , opulent , smooth , deep , warm , luxurious and dry...has a relaxing and dreamy quality...just a slight touch of a powdery effect - but not the smell of powder - more of a nose feel...old furniture made of fine wood...the balsams add a nice touch...big fan of those...smooths down to a nice long ride of vanilla and amber.....great stuff...

Do not expect a powerful amber. This great work of delicacy explores its sweetest (precious) facet. Although it is not my favorite, its complexity, the refinement (that is the word) of this baroque perfume makes it a worthy possibility for an elegant and extroverted appearance.
The usually edible character of amber is surrounded here by light pink, green and blue tones. Mellow, of a feminine orientality. Very beautiful.

Very nice scent, don't need much to create that 12" scent envelope. Honest amber/woods/vanilla palate that doesn't take itself too seriously. A friendly scent, excellent for spring and summer.

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