Part of La Collection Privée de Molinard.

Ambré Lumière fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lemon, coriander, almond, eucalyptus
  • Heart

    • amber, rose, ylang ylang
  • Base

    • haitian vetiver, siam benzoin, patchouli, musk, tolu balsam

Latest Reviews of Ambré Lumière

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An interesting amber (one of my favorite notes), that’s spicy, smoked and sweet. I love it a lot. Performances are very good.
7th October 2021
An interesting yet caltured man who collects books and odd things. Masculine amber, although it is perfectly well wearable for women too. A classic amber enriched with natural resins. It is not an invasively pungent amber but rather a smooth velvet of an amber. Deep, spicy, gorgeous, balmy, smoky, rich and heavenly.

An contemplative and mature amber with it's fresh herbal nuance in the beginning from eucalyptus. After half an hour, it settles into a more smokey balmy smell. The dry down is magical as if the perfume turns into coals that resinate warmth, a physical warmth like a big bear hug of warmth. It becomes a little retro and old fashioned but yet highly addictive. This is an affair within a relationship that is comfortable and yet has room for kinky games. Longevity as with most of Molinard's is extremely dependable.
14th June 2021

Smoked Amber and burned caramel. The drydown reveals a smooth vanilla note. A bit darker and and much thicker than Lutens's Ambre Sultan. Smells nice, but also a little bit boring. Not worth buying IMO.
21st September 2015
Resinous amber with vanilla and light spices. The amber is slightly darker than most amber based fragrances. So dark it seems a little dirty (not a bad thing). Nice 7.5/10
1st April 2015