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Ambre Loup by Rania J

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Ambre Loup is a shared scent by Rania J

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Reviews of Ambre Loup by Rania J

There are 20 reviews of Ambre Loup by Rania J.

Ambre Loup really good amber, let me make that clear. This isn't shy on labdanum, and I detect one distillation that I purchased and used in my perfume experiences from Hermitage Oils which was dry, glue-like, old book-smelling, and animalic. Whether or not that is used here is up to date, but what can't be debated is the perfumer's fearlessness in not veering into safe territory with a higher than necessary ratio of vanilla to the other participants in the amber pageant.

Be that as it may, I do get my fill of chewy, dense, incensed labdanum from Profumum Roma, and I have a surplus of others ambers in the collection as is. It is wonderful though to have a generous sample of this to revisit time and again.

I don't do well with syrupy, gourmandy, heavily vanillic ambers and Ambre Loup is a particularly gloopy, dense one, like an overly rich dessert where even just one bite is too much.

I got here after having tried different other amber accord fragrances. I was looking for something not too sweet where the vanilla was not a pudding.
When I sprayed Ambre Loup for the first time I was completely struck and I started to continuously put my nose close to my skin to get this beautiful accord.
Spices and balsamic notes introduced this fragrances starting tickling my nose. Then a dirty woody scent appeared on the scene joining the company. Finally the sweetest part begun to open but incredibly warmed my heart without giving me a headache.
The wolf hidden in this juice guards the sweet side of the amber accord growling to send it back when it become too much prominent.
This scent will stay on your skin longtime making you addicted.
This is my perfect amber accord, classy, a bit dirty and why not sexy and warm but especially not cloying.

This fragrance is a blend of MFK's Grand Soir and Amber Flash from Tauerville, resulting in a scent that combines the woodiness and jammy incense of amber with a slightly animalic oud note. While the oud can smell slightly skunky up close, it dissipates quickly and gives way to a warm and inviting amber fragrance.

The performance of Ambre Loup is impressive, with strong projection for the first few hours. However, if you already own Grand Soir, this fragrance may not offer much new or unique. While some may consider this their favorite amber scent, the high price tag may not be worth it for everyone.

Ambre Loup is an absolutely fantastic creation, very typical in its cosy niche ambery style but the quality and depth to my nose is on another level to others in this genre..and that includes sultan and grand soir
Loup is sticky , spicey , comforting and cosy with all the ingredients given a platform to shine during the 12 hour ride, if you live in a cold climate and don't have a log fire then put on a wooly jumper , light a candle and spray some of this on, you'll go someway to achieving that warming comfort from a fire, I want to drink single malt whiskeys while wearing Ambre loup and smoke a pipe it's that thought provoking, each to their own with Amber's but this is my favourite.

Review is based upon an 80% alcohol batch.
Ok, this juice awoke a memory in me, that I considered long since disappeared. With the first spray, I got an olfactory, face-full of my grandfather's humidor. He was a confirmed cigar smoker, but rather than the acrid stench of a burning cigar (yuck), this amber bomb, with its clove and cinnamon notes, embodies the moist, fresh, cured tobacco of a fine Cuban cigar (yummy) resting comfortably in a high-quality humidor. I consider this fragrance leaning heavily towards the masculine, as I wouldn't care to smell this on a woman, but that's a personal opinion.
The oud is softened with vanilla and balsam, so if you are looking for a "barnyardy" note, you'll be disappointed. Not I, because if I want barnyard, I'll reach for something else. This is a creamy and luxurious gourmand perfume with real longevity. Full day without a problem. Projection is quite strong at the onset, but as it dries down the sillage retreats to respectable levels. If you are an amber-lover, this juice is just what the doctor ordered. This is my third bottle form the house of Rania J. and they have all been winners.
Highly recommended.

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