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Reviews of Ambre Loup by Rania J

There are 15 reviews of Ambre Loup by Rania J.

Review is based upon an 80% alcohol batch.
Ok, this juice awoke a memory in me, that I considered long since disappeared. With the first spray, I got an olfactory, face-full of my grandfather's humidor. He was a confirmed cigar smoker, but rather than the acrid stench of a burning cigar (yuck), this amber bomb, with its clove and cinnamon notes, embodies the moist, fresh, cured tobacco of a fine Cuban cigar (yummy) resting comfortably in a high-quality humidor. I consider this fragrance leaning heavily towards the masculine, as I wouldn't care to smell this on a woman, but that's a personal opinion.
The oud is softened with vanilla and balsam, so if you are looking for a "barnyardy" note, you'll be disappointed. Not I, because if I want barnyard, I'll reach for something else. This is a creamy and luxurious gourmand perfume with real longevity. Full day without a problem. Projection is quite strong at the onset, but as it dries down the sillage retreats to respectable levels. If you are an amber-lover, this juice is just what the doctor ordered. This is my third bottle form the house of Rania J. and they have all been winners.
Highly recommended.
Jun 4, 2021

Ambre Loup is my first sampling of Rania J.; it’s a rich amber fragrance, a mix of clove, spices, Peru balsam, labdanum, vanilla, agarwood, guaiac, and cedar, and it all fits together so well—resinous, spicy, and sweet, with some creamy and smoky undertones, as well. There’s only the vague hint of an animalic side; this is mainly the sweeter side of amber, which is certainly my preference. It has almost cinnamon-like nuances that give it a dessert-leaning sweetness while nonetheless being a resinous fragrance, not a gourmand. It’s definitely more so sweet than it is spicy, and it’s the balance that both an amber- and gourmand-lover like myself goes for.

Compared to, say, MFK Grand Soir, Ambre Loup feels more like pure vanilla (almost the spicy Madagascar vanilla of Gallagher Fragrances Wicked Good), whereas Grand Soir is spicier—sweet, still, but with an uptick in spice from Ambre Loup. In that respect, Ambre Loup reminds me a bit more so of Tom Ford Amber Absolute, even.

Also, its projection is boastful, its consistency dense and strong, from the onset, drying down very nice into a still-very-dense fragrance. It’s an EDP but gives the vibe of an extrait upon dry down. Overall, very impressive performance.

Ambre Loup is sold via Luckyscent in the US at $149 for 50ml, and I believe its value is high so I’ll give strong consideration to seeking out a bottle after I compare it to some other ambers that I have.

8 out of 10
May 22, 2020

Amber with cloves, vanilla and road tar.

Not quite as persistent on my skin as I expected, given the nature of the first sniff, but long-lasting enough for me.

Not nearly as polite and well-mannered as Ambre 114, or Ambre Sultan, but darker and more edgy, and more along the line of Slumberhouse things. And "modern" in the somewhat-challenging sense of contemporary perfumery.
Jan 23, 2019

oh hell naw. It smells like a wolf after he ate cinnamon rolls for 3 hours.

Actually, this fragrance makes me nauseous.

Longevity is great, which is a problem.
Jan 18, 2019

Between Two Worlds by denis forkas 2016
Nov 16, 2018

Both thumbs up high in the sky for this one!
Leathery, smokey, animalic amber: castoreum, oud and a hint of spicy orange, all smoothed out by vanilla and labdanum, sweetening as it dries down. Projection and sillage are perfect for the type of scent it is - you've got to get reasonably close, but when you're gonna want to get *much* closer. Longevity is incredible. I've found it really addictive - it's given Queen Shalimar a run for her money this winter. It's warming, sexy, enveloping, sexy, comforting, sexy, distinctive, (did I mention sexy?!) and 100% unisex.
My panties drop every time I sniff my own wrist.
Feb 16, 2018

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