Ambre d'Alexandrie 
Boucheron (2017)

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Ambre d'Alexandrie by Boucheron

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Ambre d'Alexandrie is a shared scent launched in 2017 by Boucheron

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Reviews of Ambre d'Alexandrie by Boucheron

There are 4 reviews of Ambre d'Alexandrie by Boucheron.

Like walking in winter while wrapped up in big coats, of drinking coffee in bed under toasty duvet, of burying your face in someone's warm skin. Ambre d'Alexandrie is a lovely gourmand amber with opulent notes of benzoin, labdanum, and tobacco. There's something immensely joyful about it, something about the combination of comfort and sexiness, warmth and spice. Yes, it is very yummy and sweet, but far from being sugary, cloying, sticky and candy-like. It smells like a rummy, boozey, traditional Christmas dessert, with raisins cinnamon in it.

It opens with a dry smoky combination of cinnamon, tobbaco which is soon enveloped by caramel and a gorgeous amber accord, is a combination between labdanum and vanilla, anchored lightly with delicate resins in it's final phase of transition. In fact as the composition deepens, the resinious amber develops, giving a little more depth, but never making it too heavy. Perfectly unisex it may not be to everyone's taste, but lovers of the gourmand oriental will delight in it's decadence. Ambere d'Alexandrie is not sexy, not seductive but it creates curiosity and curiosity makes people follow you to find out what is your story.

Sampling Boucheron Ambre d'Alexandrie, a saccharine but slightly animalic amber fragrance, a vanillic amber with hints of spices, ambergris, and musk. It's a bit sharp and heady while also being sweet, with some of the depth of the amber being supplanted by spices. Still, there's a slight animalic side underlying the dominant sweetness. Overall, it's just a bit too much treble, not enough bass as a resinous fragrances go.

In the US, Ambre d'Alexandrie is available for $114 for 125ml on FragranceNet, though retail pricing via Harrods in the UK is $210. It seems to perform pretty well and is very nice to try. I bought a sample off of FragranceNet.

7 out of 10

An awfully close copy of Hermes Ambre Narguile.

That means it's a fruity take on pipe tobacco, like a classic humidor - rich tobacco and woods - but matched with fruits and pie spices. There's a smoky ash note in the background and a vanilla gourmand richness underneath.

Late in the day, when Ambre Narguile would have dried down to spiced vanilla amber, Ambre d'Alexandrie finally goes off in its own direction and fades to sweet wood instead.

I question why this even needs to exist from an artistic standpoint, but it copies one of my old favorites, so I have no choice but to give it a thumbs-up because it smells so good.

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