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I didn’t get the blast of herbal notes first on like others, but I definitely get the sweet rich labdanum amber. It is a soft amber with smooth resinous notes but is also a touch powdery. I like it but its more a cold weather scent, I think. Dry down is faint but gorgeous vanilla amber. Nice for the price!
26th April 2023
Curiously nobody mentioned it before, but this perfume is a Patchouli bomb.
Top notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Orange, Lavender
Heart: Benzoin, Incense, Geranium
Basenores: Patchouli. Musk, Vanilla

Patchouli is, according to the pyramid, a basenote, but I smell Patchouli from the get-go nicely supported by benzoin and incense (the citrics and lavender? I am still searching for them LOL), the Patchouli subsides very rapidly thou, to open the door to a very sweet ambery drydown. If you like Patchouli, you will enjoy this perfume, if you do not like Patchouli, you will despise it.
Since I like Patchouli, it gets my thumbs up
2nd January 2011

Nice if a little plain, Ambre is one of those fragrances just drifts in the background and does not want to make no waves like most scents do A nice meekly Church lady or a bookish librarian will enjoy this. the opening is nicely done with the sharpness of citruses and the warmness of amber adds to the coziness the wisp of incense add to the mystery and the note i can detect of Iris bringsto an powdery touch.
23rd August 2010
Yikes - I'm the first negative reviewer! I bought a bottle of this (based on the unanimously positive BN reviews) off the 'Bay for a very good price, looking forward to something extraordinary. I have limited experience with amber as anything other than a note amongst many others, so I wasn't really sure what to expect. Unfortunately I seem to have landed myself with something which contains both of the things I hate most in all of fragdom - VERY sweet and VERY powdery, and nothing to off-set either. To me it very much lives up to its feminine category and even one spray on my chest seemed to hang around forever without that sweetness never dying down. I blame myself entirely for buying a complete unknown completely blind, so this negative review should be taken with a pinch of salt, but if you DON'T like strong sweet and powder scents, DO NOT buy amber. At the very least, test it first. If you love it, go for it with aplomb. But if you don't love it, you'll be thankful that you didn't do what I did and spring for a full bottle without having a clue what you were getting.
19th March 2010
This is a very satisfying, rich and uncomplicated amber. It is a nice, fairly linear, consistent resinous amber which not too syrupy, not too sweet and yet not too dry. There is a bit of an artificial almond smell when first applied that made me raise an eyebrow, but it burns off almost immediately on my skin and settles into a fairly linear and comforting amber. The dry down has VERY much in common with Tom Ford Amber Absolute, but for 1/8 the price.
22nd December 2009
One of the best amber scents I've smelled; manages to be easy on the senses without being boring, wearable without fading badly - and would provide a lovely unisex alternative to many of the much more expensive (and also more challenging) ambers out there. Complete thumbs up.
12th June 2009
Ambre de Molinard is my new winter EDT and I just adore it. Why this fragrance is labeled for women, I just don't know. Although it is rather powdery (which is quite normal for an amber-based perfume), it does not make me smell like a melted vanilla ice-cream cone. Ambre develops very well and its staying power is impressively good for an inexpensive fragrance. A big two thumbs up as far as I am concerned.
14th March 2009
reminds ones of the powdery heaven Caron Pour Unhomme is. thin Unhomme with out the rubber gloves note...mild touch of vanilla pods over a very warm well rounded base of rich, suave amber
16th September 2008
I sprayed a single spritz on my arm to sample. Hours later I was still noticing the wonderful amber/vanilla aroma wafting up at me. Although classified feminine, there was nothing about this preventing a guy from wearing it. Be sparing as it's quite thick and rich.
23rd July 2008
A real success : easy to wear even during summers. If you like amber, do not hesitate, it's a must have !
15th March 2007
A very soft and mildly sweet vanillic amber, easy to wear even in the heat. Not very strong or lasting, but not terribly costly either.
1st August 2006