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I Profumi di Firenze

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Ambra del Nepal by I Profumi di Firenze

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Ambra del Nepal is a women's perfume by I Profumi di Firenze

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There are 7 reviews of Ambra del Nepal by I Profumi di Firenze.

I Profumi di Firenze Ambra del Nepal opens "kind of heliotropically" with this almost white musky/poudre/vanillic whiteness quite exotic (sugary-spicy, a la Pane degli Angeli yeast, for those loving the Italian Pasticceria), visceral and gourmandish at same time. A wonderful opening, equally structured (in a traditional chypre way) and "gluttonous" ; I get indeed such like coexisting a classically structured woody-hesperidic backbone (sandalwood, aromatics and hesperides are surely present) with this sweetly edible "resinous coconuttiness" conjuring me more than vaguely scents a la Farmacia SS Annunziata Cara and Chia. Amber (synthetic ambergris and amber) is the key element, kind of carnal-animalic, powdery and salty at same time. Saltiness is granted by a combination of spices (really peppery) and resins (a touch of frankincense, on the side of earthy notes and piquant spices, partake the general longly durable dustiness). The spicy-salty molecular synth ambergris (piquant and carnal) is not so distant from the (synth) one we get in Gabriella Chieffo Hystera. The salty-ambery touch on skin is warm, barely powdery and sensual (virile, pungent and warm). Frankincense enhances its embrace slowly and gradually (neither liturgic nor smoky but surely salty and elusive). I get more properly piquant spiciness (and spicy synth anbergris) than classic ambery powder and anyway the latter is kind of delicately organic (little babies aroma-conjuring), milky, almondy and dusty sugary (powdered sugar). The juice is not supremely articulated or longly (and complicately) evolving but the final outcome is one of the most sensual stuffs I've tested on skins for years. I've slept one night with this devilish stuff on chest (under a cotton t-shirt) and it was like an heavenly warm erotic juice to share with your beloved (likewise with an occasional "mistress"). Dry down is darker, barely mossy and vaguely woodsy but the resinous piquancy is still salty-sugary (rooty) and regnant.

Ambra del Nepal is a really nice vanilla scent. I don't actually want to smell like vanilla, but if I did this would be a good one. It opens with a faintly bitter and medicinal cardamon note with smooth, sweet vanilla that isn't synthetic but rather reminiscent of real vanilla pods. After a while amber starts to come out - resinous and very slightly bitter. After that it goes back and forth between whiffs of smooth vanilla and resinous, slightly smoky/bitter amber. Alone neither smell would be bad, but they're much better together! This is not a complex fragrance in terms of notes, but the ingredients are high quality and very smooth. Moderate silage and longevity.

I don't enjoy smelling this up close - it's rich and it's sweet. But in sillage it's a different creature altogether - the creaminess much more subdued, allowing the cardamom to lift the composition and give it a much needed levity. There is also a dustiness to the amber and vanilla combo that falls just shy of 'powdery'. Unfortunately as a non-fan of gourmands, I can't quite shake off the gourmandish vibe well enough to give this a thumbs up. But I can appreciate why others might enjoy it.

This is a beautiful, simple fragrance. It takes the powerful notes of amber and vanilla, sprinkles a pinch of cardamom on top to give an almost dried, green edge, and lets them loose into the bottle for us to enjoy.

The notes are well represented, and flow seamlessly. The overall smell is of rich, yet almost dusty, amber and vanilla - the amber forefront first, and then the vanilla shares stage for the second half of the act.

Longevity and projection are not quite what you might expect from these big hitter notes, but this is a great comfort scent, and very versatile due to it's subtle nature. Easily worn in all but the hottest of temps - long after I have put away some of my heavy ambers.

Creamy, sweet amber and vanilla...but not cloyingly so. It has a slight smoky, dirty quality to it, that makes sure you don´t just smell like vanilla cake. I love this in the winter and at one time my neighbor at the table remarked on the lovely smell (everybody had to sniff after that). The best remark of the evening: "it smells like a real women, not sickly girly sweet and not stinky fierce like other women perfumes"!

This Is NOT Just For Women. Absolutely Love This Amber, Cardamom, And Vanilla Are Perfect In This! Beautiful Fragrance!

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