Lorenzo Villoresi (2014)

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A spicy amber with a big dose of warming myrrh and a freshening terpenic quality. Suffers at the beginning from being over-polished. The blend seems a touch too smooth, giving the feel of either aldehydes or soap. A bit like looking at the thing through milk-bottle lenses whereas something a bit more rough or daring would have made the composition come alive.
However, it sheds this quality as time passes and the perfume begins to come alive on one’s skin. Now it is a sophisticated (but not over-blended) and mellow amber, the characteristic sweetness of the family held nicely in check by the spices and resins.
Apr 27, 2017

I've recently tried this, the new version and I find it quite stunning. I believe there is Ambergris in the base, and not the synthetic stuff either. It is smooth. I certainly get a green feel strongest in the opening but it seems to move to the background relatively quickly. It had to grow on me but when I couldn't stop sniffing my arm, I realized I want it in my collection. It's not like other ambers I've sampled, unique and classy to my nose.
Dec 10, 2015

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