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There are 24 reviews of Ambra Aurea by Profumum.

Profumum Roma delivers a big time sensuality ember with Ambra Aurea, a far-reaching and expansive wear that weighs heavily on Cistus oil and absolute at the top. How does cistus differ from labdanum, you ask? Well, both come from the Cistus ladanifer plant, also colloquially as Gum Rockrose (no relation to true rose). In fact, the family of Cistaceae is in the order Malvales, which is shared by hibiscus, mallow, Rose of Sharon, and hollyhock. This is evidenced in the appearance of the flowers of Cistus ladanifer, one can note the similarities.

While labdanum extractions derive from the exudate of the plant itself, cistus essential oil and absolute is steam-distilled or solvent-extracted from the leaves themselves. Cistus is luscious, sweetly balsamic with brighter amber notes, whereas labdanum is much deeper, darker, leathery, nearly animalic. In Ambra Aurea, cistus is the star from the very opening through its dry down. This overdose is scintillating and when the myrrh fades in, there is this hypnotic intensity, with the myrrh's bitter, earthy, nearly medicinal qualities making it feel almost mysterious and cabalistic. There is almost a salty effect that makes for a delectable (and I would argue necessary) contrast to the sweetness.

It's also worth noting that we don't really have so much a vanilla note here as we have the vanillic qualities of benzoin, shrouded in incense smoke and olibanum tears that unfurl further into the base. I detect what to my nose seems to be ambergris (actual ambergris, not ambroxan mind you), as in a tincture of the fabled material, which could account for the expansiveness and amplification of all elements. This is captivating amber in technicolor and stereo, larger in life and enveloping, more an experience than a mere donning of perfume.

Like dark medieval gothic chantries,secret rituals & forbidden mysticism.Ambra Aurea a bold fragrance for sure in the sense that it's a niche fragrance and doesn't have mainstream appeal. it's not a sweet fragrance and i think that is what kind of throws you at first. most fragrances with this much amber have a little more sweet to counter it.well,a lot more. when i first put this on i was not found of it at all.this fragrance hits as a sexy,masculine amber although,it is perfectly well wearable for women too.

A dark resinous amber for the first few minutes. as time passes,the incense rises higher to power and as becomes darker & intensely smoky,in fact the dry down is magical as if the perfume resinate warmth - physical warmth- like a big bear hug of's the big brother of Amber Sultan. Ambra Aurea has some resemblance to Tauer's L'Air du Desert Marocain, but the incense and darkness are amped up here. i find works best when applied lightly with just one or two sprays.a true gem.

I've worn my share of amber - the essential oil was about all I wore in my twenties. Amber. I know it's a fantastic note, one of the greatest, but it takes me back to 'those days,' and I'm not there anymore. Then this!! This is deep breath sensual. It's causing a warmth and heaviness between my shoulder blades. This is velvet smooth. This is ancient and rich.

Starts out very rich and complexed with that initial niche style amber smell that is prominant in Ambre Russe and a few others , sort of warm and skanky, soon enough I'm reminded of Tom fords tobbaco oud with that dry smokey feel , however the fragrance never becomes dry or overly ashy, a start that through experience I didn't pass off, I couldn't stop smelling my hand, it evolves into the ambergris dry down I'm accustomed too in many creeds but the ambergris in this is accentuated to another level and becomes the fragrance as a whole, it's really addictive and seems to get more and more sexy. To summarize, this is a smoked ambergris fragrance of the highest quality and concentration , it may seem expensive but for what you get it represents amazing value, 12+ hours of top quality.

A dark, deep and smokey amber. Fortunately not of the super sweet and vanillic kind. I can see the ambergris element especially in the opening, its a little salty and sort of gooey, which is nicely contrasted by the dry smoky incense. It becomes softer and gentler after the first few hours, but it is still very tenacious. Pretty linear and simple, but in this case it's solid and smells very good so I don't mind very much. Beautiful job.

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