Sultan Pasha (2015)

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Ambercuir  by Sultan Pasha

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As a child, one of my favourite excursions was to the British museum, where the glorious British Library was formerly located.

I remember my father showing me all the mummies and their treasures, but one of the most memorable parts was when he took me very briefly inside the library where I was truly overwhelmed by all the books. However, what overwhelmed me even more was what eventually greeted my nose... the scent of tarry old leather alongside polished wood and the beautifully enigmatic scent of old paper... this all together created the most delicious smoky ambery scent which for years I couldn't put in to words... or a bottle!

Ambrecuir is the result of that very precious childhood memory.

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There are 2 reviews of Ambercuir by Sultan Pasha. animalic civety-hyraxy fragrance that is sweet and polite about it...suede-smooth animalic a lover of animalic fragrances, this is some top notch stuff...nice and smooth...sort of glides along...honey adds an animalic sweetness...detect a little touch of smoky incense...musky aura...some really nice sweet sandalwood...that's the main players in my book...there's other notes flitting about, but their presence is minor to my nose...may be a wee bit of floweriness...all in all though, another Sultan masterpiece and one that I would buy more of...on of my Sultan faves...

I'm a novice but--since there are no reviews I'll dive in to this extent: the scent is harmonized- no "fall off" point like there is with many other fragrances. It opens on my skin with incense (sandalwood?), something pleasantly sweet (beeswax?)-not cloying, Attractive. Intriguing. The incense element is perfect for me - my body chemistry amplifies incense notes and they can be too much - but not here.

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