Amber Oud Tobacco Edition 
Al Haramain (2019)

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Amber Oud Tobacco Edition by Al Haramain

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Amber Oud Tobacco Edition is a shared scent launched in 2019 by Al Haramain

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Reviews of Amber Oud Tobacco Edition by Al Haramain

There are 5 reviews of Amber Oud Tobacco Edition by Al Haramain.

This fragrance is a great alternative to Tobacco Vanille, as it captures around 80-90% of the original scent while being less expensive. The hay note is less prominent, but the overall similarities are impressive. I give this fragrance a thumbs up for being such a good clone of the original.

Darvant's review gets this one right, so reference it.

It's not at all a proper clone of Tobacco Vanille (it's further from it than either Velvet Teddy or Tabac Rouge are, and neither of those are true dupes to start with), though it is undeniably a descendant.

This is a variation on the sweet tobacco theme with a cola/spiced rum twist. Quite nice, though still fairly syrupy. This is a bit like the aroma of an unmixed, sticky cola syrup, with all of its medicinal, herbaceous facets present and accounted for, mingled with a dry tobacco base that emerges more with time.

This is a complex spice blend, definitely a more challenging fragrance and not as mass-appealing as the original Amber Oud. The clove, cacao, star anise, incense, and ginger all make this really interesting, there's a lot to think about and analyze. So many nuances to enjoy. But whereas the original Amber Oud should appeal to just about everyone, this tobacco edition is such a heavy spice mix it can definitely smell bad to some people especially if they don't know what they're smelling

Not a blind buy but if you want something with the complexity of a dozen different spices and huge performance then this is for you

Warm, piquant, "seasoned" tobacco-spicy oriental (semi-gourmand). Sort of bombastic "on steroids" spicier version of Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille. A spicy monster, exotic but not exactly "sultry". Actually the two fragrances (this one and Tobacco Vanille) are not kind of almost identical (very similar but each of them with its peculiar soul and nature under my profane nose) since I perceive Al Haramain Amber Oud Tobacco Edition substantially spicier (kind of really peppery) and more properly virile and warm (with a touch of boozy like a Captain Morgan rhum). Cloves and tobacco are heady in this potent peppery gourmandish oriental. Frankly I prefer this one on the somewhat one dimensional and more properly vanillic Tobacco Vanille (which is moreover far more expensive and linear). Opening is quite bombastic, "sweetly sour", aromatic (ginger, star anice, a touch of lavender?) and fruity (dry fruits? dates?). In a while cloves and pepper take the scene as main olfactory protagonists along with woods, resins (amber, frankincense, woody resins), tonka bean and yummy tobacco. The latter is never smokey but more properly yummy, sweet (a la Franch Boclet Tobacco), cinnamonic, dusty, vaguely nutty and peppery. Vanilla is well calibrated, cocoa beans barely adumbrated in order to round up the aromatic affair. I love to spray this fragrance on my chest since I fully enjoy its piquant aromatic sexy (intoxicating) aura. One of the spiciest creations I've experienced on skin so far (eyes catching and panties dropper). Nuclear duration and projection on my skin. Lovely presentation and bottle.


Like a mixed fruity hookah smoke with a vanilla tobacco attar about is not in a cigarette kind of way.more in a tobacco plant way.a cheaper nice alternative to Tobacco Vanilla.i love the notes in this from the sweet tobacco,vanilla and cacao to the rich spices that feels like it's mixed with a nice smooth,warm liquor like whiskey or hennessey.this is one of those fragrances that could easily become overwhelming and cloying if applied to heavily.warm, seductive,addictive, gorgeous and deep.

There is not so much tobacco as to make this overwhelmingly harsh and smoky,but there is certainly enough for it's dark,herbal beauty to smolder through the warm vanilla.there is an aromatic darkness to this fragrance and it works incredibly well.i think that the spicy notes add an almost cinnamon-like characteristic to the perfume as well,which really warms up the fragrance to the point where i view it as a fall and winter dries down to a deliciously edible comes off very luxurious,and it works best dressed up formally on very cold nights.the sillage is strong and the performance is great with +8 hours of longevity.

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