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All amber and vanilla, no oud. Just a general, woody backbone coming from the cedar. Pleasant enough if you like this style of scent, but massively disappointing if you buy it expecting an actual oud experience. Others from the Arabian Nights collection are much better.
20th November 2021
Beautiful scent, BEAUTIFUL SCENT! but way too light... For this price point, the fragrance should have MASSIVE sillage and projection... But this is a skin scent after 2 hours. Too bad.
15th December 2018

this has no oud in it that i can detect, either natural or artificial. this is another sweet amber perfume. that's all. So if you take it that way, it's very nice, it's amber with spices. But if you're expecting oud with amber, which i DON'T think would be a nice blend, then lower your expectations and you might enjoy it as a gift. Now to spend money on it, as I did, would not be the best way to spend the money.
14th August 2018
A big glob of cheap fake vanilla frosting pretending to be amber and oud. It's essentially a less complex Pink Sugar until about an hour in, when little tendrils of lumber wood and butterscotch manage to just barely peek through the heaping mounds of toxic cheap vanilla. There's a lingering ambrox drydown that's passable but not worth wading through all the marshmallowy gloop for. Even without the misleading name and the higher price based on its designation as an oud perfume, this isn't even particularly good as a marshmallow gourmand. Don't bother.
8th April 2017
One of the more popular named oud fragrances done By Kilian, Amber Oud is a creamy, sweet, resinous delight that is an excellent scent. It's not an overwhelming powerhouse but rather it's properly dense, a decent mix of amber, benzoin, and vanilla. I suppose the "bay" note adds some oud or spiciness, but I'm not familiar with this. Amber Oud is surely far more amber than oud, far more a sweet gourmand than a bitter oud.

It's an enjoyable, easy wear, and I'd be curious to compare it to Acqua di Parma's Colonia Ambra, which is a vanilla/amber mix mixed with some of the Colonia DNA.

Performance is somewhat lacking for a fragrance priced at $395 for 50ml, so it's difficult to stomach buying this unless it's an absolute favorite, which it is not. Still, the scent is really superb, one of the best amber/oud interpretations, and a recommended try, particularly if it's one you would actually buy.

8 out of 10
23rd February 2016
i love the by kilian house but this didn't do it for me at all

even tho it had a nice smell eventually it just got to heady for me with very minimal sprays

worth a try if you can sample it :)

on to the next
22nd January 2016
From the beginning this is mainly an amber-vanilla scent, starting out as an amber that is not too sweet, and laden with benzoin and cedarwood, with an ultra-synthetic and generic oud shining through only very briefly and very faintly. This is neither the elegant amber of Ambre Canelle, nor the less cedary amber of Ambre Sultan, and it has much less individual character or personality than TF's Amber Absolute or even Cerruti's 1881 Amber.

At times a greenish aroma is present, to be soon to be overwhelmed by the amber again.

With time it fades out slowly, and it lasts about seven hours on my skin. With moderate sillage and very good projection, the performance is very respectable.

All in all it is very suitable for autumn, but even with the good performance figures does does not reach a level that would make it truly interesting. 2.75/5.

23rd December 2015
Oudless fragrance with an amber base (sort of plastic) and a vanilla background. No where near worth the asking price. 6.5/10
12th January 2015
Amber and vanilla with cedar getting between these notes so it never reaches that satisfying olfactory climax. Also in the blend is balsam note which is like a very toned down Tiger balm. But alas no Oud whatsoever.

This smells nice but it is not very well blended at all. There are many ambery vanilla fragrances that are better and way more affordable. Also the pretentious name of this fragrance is misleading as there is no Oud to speak of.

To sum up a poorly blended amber and vanilla fragrance with a name that is a misnomer.
11th June 2014
Amber Oud is not bad at all, although I don't get much of neither amber nor oud. Well, perhaps the opening has a slight ambery note, but it's quite on a musky/chypre side, with tonka and a dark woody base which however does not smell exactly like oud, being more dry and aromatic – less dense, less rubbery, less gloomy (you got it, less oud). The amber/musky accord is, again, as in other Kilian scents, a bit medicinal, caramelised, with earthy and balsamic notes, a bit like in Ambre Sultan, just slightly more musky/carnal, almost indolic at the very beginning. This blends quite harmonically with a vanilla-tonka accord, sweet and gourmandish but brightly understated and restrained. After a while you eventually feel some really delicate, whispering dark woody note on the very base, perhaps that's the oud, but be prepared to look for it. However the main amber-benzoin balsamic/medicinal accord with that musky note is nice, sensual, quite shady, a bit à la Musc Tonkin or Muscs Koublai Khan, just incomparably less powerful and deep – Kilian's trademark pale "trendiness" that pushes him to keep notes and accord on a tight leash. "Suggesting" and giving a glossy, flat representation of a note is enough here in order to keep it niche, but safe and crowdpleasing at its best. Not bad, anyway.

24th May 2014
I have had my sample for a long while & have used it on/off for sometime. So now that I am wearing it to bed, I decided to write a review. Kilian tires to create a nice Amber/Oud concoction since it seems as if the rest of the fragrance world is going into that direction.

I find that Amber Oud is made with good ingredients, & the presentation is nice as well. As far as the liquid is concerned, upon first spray I get this nasty cedar/oud combination with the slightest touch of Amber. I realized long ago that alot of Cedar can ruin a fragrance for me. Here it is no exception.

However, after about 5 minutes, the cedar calms down somewhat, & out comes the synthetic oud with amber. It appears that the oud & cedar are going head to head with the cedar dominating this show with the amber lurking in the background keeping the game somewhat sweet. I find that this composition could have done very well WITHOUT cedar since it is one of my least favorite notes.

The silage is modest & longevity on me is roughly 8 hours. I would not spend the asking price for this fragrance because I feel there are so many fragrances that do this type of thing better. On the flip side of things, it does have this classy vibe about it & I can see how many will find this appealing. If it was given to me, I'd wear it every now & a blue moon with a suit or dress like attire.
27th November 2013
Calling out to the synthetic equivalent of Cambodian oud: you're supposed to be in here somewhere.
If one can get past that missing element, this is actually quite a comforting woody amber. It has a beautiful cedar note, like the perfume that issues from a freshly split log, a scent that makes one want to curl up and just be. I'd be pretty surprised if there isn't some vetiver in there bolstering that effect. And then there's amber: warm, vanillic, not overly sweet. The combination is simple (to the nose) but feels assured and right, like a melody that works from the opening bars.
My grouse is its somewhat demure trail which subtracts greatly from its pleasure.
11th November 2013