Amber Oud 
By Kilian (2012)

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Amber Oud by By Kilian

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Amber Oud is a shared scent launched in 2012 by By Kilian

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Reviews of Amber Oud by By Kilian

There are 26 reviews of Amber Oud by By Kilian.

All amber and vanilla, no oud. Just a general, woody backbone coming from the cedar. Pleasant enough if you like this style of scent, but massively disappointing if you buy it expecting an actual oud experience. Others from the Arabian Nights collection are much better.

Beautiful scent, BEAUTIFUL SCENT! but way too light... For this price point, the fragrance should have MASSIVE sillage and projection... But this is a skin scent after 2 hours. Too bad.

this has no oud in it that i can detect, either natural or artificial. this is another sweet amber perfume. that's all. So if you take it that way, it's very nice, it's amber with spices. But if you're expecting oud with amber, which i DON'T think would be a nice blend, then lower your expectations and you might enjoy it as a gift. Now to spend money on it, as I did, would not be the best way to spend the money.

A big glob of cheap fake vanilla frosting pretending to be amber and oud. It's essentially a less complex Pink Sugar until about an hour in, when little tendrils of lumber wood and butterscotch manage to just barely peek through the heaping mounds of toxic cheap vanilla. There's a lingering ambrox drydown that's passable but not worth wading through all the marshmallowy gloop for. Even without the misleading name and the higher price based on its designation as an oud perfume, this isn't even particularly good as a marshmallow gourmand. Don't bother.

One of the more popular named oud fragrances done By Kilian, Amber Oud is a creamy, sweet, resinous delight that is an excellent scent. It's not an overwhelming powerhouse but rather it's properly dense, a decent mix of amber, benzoin, and vanilla. I suppose the "bay" note adds some oud or spiciness, but I'm not familiar with this. Amber Oud is surely far more amber than oud, far more a sweet gourmand than a bitter oud.

It's an enjoyable, easy wear, and I'd be curious to compare it to Acqua di Parma's Colonia Ambra, which is a vanilla/amber mix mixed with some of the Colonia DNA.

Performance is somewhat lacking for a fragrance priced at $395 for 50ml, so it's difficult to stomach buying this unless it's an absolute favorite, which it is not. Still, the scent is really superb, one of the best amber/oud interpretations, and a recommended try, particularly if it's one you would actually buy.

8 out of 10

i love the by kilian house but this didn't do it for me at all

even tho it had a nice smell eventually it just got to heady for me with very minimal sprays

worth a try if you can sample it :)

on to the next

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