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Estée Lauder (2013)

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Reviews of Amber Mystique by Estée Lauder

Dark amber and incense from the start: the pepper on top adds a nice spice to round out the first ten minutes or so. It's a dark Oriental oud to begin with, with lots of rose and patchouli. For the price, I was expecting something much more cloying and synthetic. That is not the case here at all: the oud (smells) natural, and the powdery-woody-dark rose notes go a long way to making this quite well-balanced. An oily leather scent comes through as well after the first hour, providing another layer to the fragrance after the strong peppery notes dies down a bit.

This is very unisex: in fact, I believe it may lean a little masculine due to the oud and leather playing a prominent role in both the top notes and the dry down. Amber is the start here, earthy and musky with just a bit of sweet: the incense gives it an overall smokey character for much of the scent's life.

I'm not usually a fan of heavy amber scents: it's not a combination in my scent wheelhouse, the amber often having too much of a screetchingly abrasive element for my tastes. That said, this is very good and a good bang for your buck fragrance. Projection is good, longevity is 4-5 hours. An unexpected, very welcome surprise. Must have if you like, or like the idea of, an amber scent with wood and spice.

Mar 29, 2019

From the very start I get the amber - rich, with a fresh touch but intense. There is an underlying berry-fruitiness supplying it with glimpses of brightness. An amber that is well executed.

The drydown adds a dark rose impression in the background, with a jasmine giving it a subtly green touch, but the amber remains proudly in the forefront. The floral notes are more frameworks than centrepieces.

The end of the heart notes sees the emergence of a darkish and slightly crisp patchouli. This blends in seamlessly with the other main player in the base, a typical oud impression. Whilst very stereotypical and at times a tad too generic, this oud is not bad on the whole and never too intrusive or cloying. Nonetheless, the amber stands firm in the centre of attention until the last gasp.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and an impressive ten hours of longevity on my skin.

Maybe the amber is too dominant overall, but this wintery creation is overall a nice example of an amber-centric scent with an acceptable oud and with an amber that is an unusually skillful team player. 3.5/5.

May 26, 2017

It somewhat reminds me of the more expensive Idole de Lubin although Idole can be argued to have better quality components. Quite the bang for the buck here!
Apr 15, 2017


This along with Wood Mystique are... to say the least, one of the best "bangs for your buck" that have come around in quite some time.

I was quite surprised .. as it's name implies, that there really is a "Mysterious" amber note in here. Although lurking in the base ( sometimes a bit too much, for my idea of an "Amber- frag) is, some spicy woodsy notes (& co).
Especially the wood. Still nice.
Is it a TF AA? No. But at the price of $27 for the 1.7 oz, who could complain?

Basically on my skin, from beginning to end it's more or less warm, spicy and as others have noted..a well balanced charming fragrance. "Attractive."

That mellow oud accord is not very shy either. It peeks out now and then (more now than then) but doesn't get too harsh albeit synthetic (no.. really?)

I even pick up the floral & raspberry notes but on me, they fade after an hour or so.
Again, as I said, overall it all works well together. Especially for $27!

With all the above stated I'm getting the incense and that, blending with the patchouli, musk and a "suede- like" leather, make for a very pleasant dry down. A bit seductive even.

However, on my skin the amber takes a slightly back seat which makes it more of a "woodsy-leather" frag during the last couple of hours. I could even call it a "woodsy-incense".
But the amber won't let me. (Ambers... they think the world revolves around them).

Wearable and well received, as stated by those who compliment my wearings.
Speaking of which... are becoming more and more frequent thanks to a more than acceptable performance on my skin.

Good silage
Good longevity- 7+ hours
Great price.

Well done Estèe... I'd even pay $27.50 if need be. ;)


Sep 21, 2016

Lots of cedar; not much amber. Definitely unisex
May 27, 2016

This is for sure 100% a women's fragrance. I can not fathom why this would be considered unisex. That being said I think it is a nice women's perfume. Nice Rose blend between the top rose and mid rose notes. I do get some "powdery" notes as well and deep incense notes in the base. Not saying some guys might not enjoy this for themselves but not for me. Hopefully my wife will like this for herself. Women Enjoy.
Feb 3, 2016

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